Here is what is inspiring me for the upcoming year:

I noticed that I have a little more drama going on from my last inspiration board.  Grays and peacock colors have been replaced for deep chocolates and glossy blacks with bright splashes of pinks and purples A combination of modern and old world mixed with a bit of glitz.  And as far as the “peace love and chocolate”, how can one imagine a future without some yummy chocolate in it?  Well, I guess it could apply to chocolate colors as well.

So now it’s your turn to show your inspiration for the next year.  It may turn out to be inspiring to others as well as yourself.  Please provide a link to your posting of your inspiration board below.  If you don’t have a blog where you posted it on, I think it will work for linking to a image on facebook or any site you can post an image.  I can’t wait to see them!