We have been doing a TON of window treatments recently including a home in Davis which has at least 50 windows that all need covering! All of this window talk really has us thinking about the different window treatment options out there, (pst, there are so many!) and each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each option also has its own look and feel that enhances the space’s design. Many window treatments are multi-functional, with a sheer option, an opaque option, and a light blocking option, which is ideal for bedrooms.

The amount of light that goes through the treatment isn’t the only consideration. Where the window is located, if you have children, if you have an oddly shaped or very narrow window or if the window is high up on a wall are all variables that might influence what type of window treatment you need. Layering treatments is often a good way of solving multiple problems in one swoop. You could have roller shades with both sheer and light blocking options, or a roman shade under some pretty curtains. You can layer for different light blocking and privacy options, or for aesthetic purposes. And don’t be afraid to mix different treatments on one window! Layer as much as you would like. There is always a way to solve the problem and still be stylish!

To help you navigate your way through the crazy world of window treatments, we have complied a list of our favorite treatments and all the specs on these options, as well as some of our personal, professional opinions.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic. You have probably seen them your entire life and not known what they are called but I guarantee you are familiar with this treatment. They are a horizontal treatment that are available in a fine wood, aluminum or a faux wood. They come in multiple slat sizes, colors and textures, and are a cost-effective option! They are hardier than fabric coverings, so would be good in a room where they might get more ware and tare, like a child’s room! They are also good in warm, humid environments (again, because they aren’t fabric!) like a bathroom. If you want to dress them up, you can add a cornice for a more finished look, or add a ribbon where the strings are, like in the picture below.

Vertical Blinds/ Panels

Vertical blinds are another popular window treatment that you have probably seen many times in your life, especially on a sliding glass window. Vertical blinds are a traditional window solution and can be used to cover oddly shaped windows. They come in a range of fabrics, vinyl, aluminum, wood and faux wood. Vertical panels are a similar concept to vertical blinds but are a more sleek and modern design. When open, both treatments stack to offer the largest view possible, and when closed, almost seem to become part of the wall.


Curtains are another classic window treatment! They are great because the possibilities are endless due to the endless options of fabrics out there. There are also countless styles of curtains, they can be casual or formal, there are numerous accessories that can be added or changed to the curtain or curtain rod to change the style of the curtain. They can be stationary or functional or both! They are accessible at any price range; get them at Ikea or get custom curtains made. Curtains are often called different things based on how it is attached or how it looks at the curtain rod. Grommet curtains, eyelet curtains or pinch pleat curtains are some examples. The sky is the limit with curtains, especially when you start layering them with other treatments!

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a great option for a window treatment whether it be alone or layered. They are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors and can be stacked from the bottom up or top down. They can be anything from sheer to light blocking and have an insulating quality because air gets trapped in the honeycomb structure, acting as insulation and adding to efficiency. They can be oriented both horizontally or vertically and can be operated with or without a cord.


Shutters are durable, versatile and add a lot of style to a space. They come in many different color options and can be made for custom shapes. Because shutters are not made out of fabric and they don’t warp, crack, or fade, they work well in hot, humid environments. While in Hawaii, I saw screens and shutters used in place of windows, which worked well because it allowed for the breeze and light to come into the room while still providing some privacy.

Roller Shades

Roller shades give a clean, modern look to a window and are a dream for layered treatments. They come in lots of different colors and fabrics and can be sheer or opaque. How they work is the material rolls up into the roller. This keeps the window looking clean and simple. They can come cordless or motorized for added convenience!

Roman Shades

Roman shades are soft fabric folds that lift up and down into a headrail. They are a horizontal treatment that often work well on elongated windows. Because they are made out of fabric, they can come in any color or pattern you want! You can also add decorative tapes or trims (like in the picture below) and paired with a valance to finish off the look. Depending on the style of roman shade and the finishes you use, you can end up with a soft, feminine looking treatment or a simpler shade. Also, you can line it for light blocking, have it sheer, or use it to insulate.

Pirouette and Silhouette Shades

Pirouette and Silhouette shades are a favorite of the RWD team! They are horizontal folds of fabric attached to sheer backing so when they are open, you can see out of the window. The softly contoured fabric open and close completely, or to any angle you want allowing the user to have complete control over how much light comes into their space. They can be brought all the way up to the top of the window to open the view of the window completely. When they are closed, they provide protection and maintain privacy. The treatment can also be light blocking and come in many different colors and patterns. They are a simple and elegant window treatment!

If you have been thinking about getting some new window treatments for your house or want more information or pricing on any of these window treatment options, please feel free to contact us!
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