Spring is here! Bring on the warm weather, bright colors and blooming flowers! Spring has always been one of the bittersweet times of year, as it brings a chance for change, growth and as we all know, Spring Cleaning. Some shutter at the thought of going through everything. Parting with the many sentimental jars, decorations from Christmas you convinced yourself could stay up all year, old clothes and whatever else is in the “I’ll finish that one day” pile. Others may look forward to this as it gives room for new and exciting things to keep their home fresh. Wherever you fall, know that change is a good thing, as it inspires changes in other aspects of our lives we may have never thought of, as well as making room for new opportunities and inspirations. Yet, the question remains, where to start?

Often, procrastinating or avoiding Spring Cleaning and reorganizing is due to the overwhelming amount of it all, and where to even begin with this project. To that I say, start small. Take it one room at a time, one area at a time. If you start with your closet for instance, go left to right, up and down. Ask yourself the many decision-making questions when it comes to material objects. Think of the last time you wore something, how often you wore it, and do you see yourself wearing it again? Does this piece of clothing make you feel good and confident or is it “just a shirt”? Is there sentimental value or one-of-a-kind traits to it? Ask these questions and any other relating questions that come to mind when approaching that old chair in the office, or the circus of decorations on your mantel, especially when opening the junk drawer in the kitchen. Starting small and asking the right questions will make this huge task more enjoyable than you could have imagined. And who knows, you may even find some forgotten wonders!

Now that you have a starting point, what is the next step? Organizing. Finding a perfect home for your things is arguably just as important as finding a perfect home for your family. As exciting as it is to find those lost items, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable if they were easily accessible? Drawer organizers, bins, baskets, shelves, all of which make accessing your favorite cookware, displaying your beautiful decorations and getting ready in the morning easier than you could imagine. Although all important, don’t let it back you into a corner of hiding things. You can display all your favorite pieces while keeping the room organized! You really don’t know what you’re missing until you have it!

Whether you have begun spending more time in your home due to the pandemic or even if your normal routine is in place, you should want to enjoy and be comfortable in the space you’re in. Of course, you can take the easy route and throw everything out and start fresh, or the even easier route and put it off year after year, but let’s be realistic. Spring Cleaning is not something to be fearful of or avoid. It is almost necessary for maintaining a home that suits your life and relieves you of a space filled with stress and chaos. Now, let’s start small and get inspired! Here are a few organizing inspirations to help get you going!

Photo from A Mere Life Blog