When we first walked into this home, we knew it was special, and that we had a lot of work to do. All of the living spaces had distinct character, TONS of color, pattern, and some generally funky details (aka the kitchen cabinet pulls) – not at all what our client was looking for.

We’re going to highlight some of the spaces and the crazy design details that are (can we be honest here) going straight out the window as soon as possible. The home is currently in the demo stage, but we wanted to highlight the before story of this home before it gets finished.

We’d like to point out that many of the aspects of this home were custom-made for whoever lived here before our client, and it was probably their dream home… it’s just not ours or our client’s. Let us know what you think!


This entry space has great flow, and we love the staircase, but the faux wall texture, blue molding, and colored and patterned light fixture are a more than a little bit out-dated. The wall and the trim combo isn’t great, but the light fixture really steals the show – and not in the best way. The colorful, plastic pendants, rainbow metal details, and painted faux ceiling medallion really make quite a statement.

Dining Room

Another funky faux wall texture on the walls, this time in red, but yet again, the light fixture really steals the show. This thing HAD to be custom-made, because we’ve never ever seen anything like this before. The fixture has wavy arms with bulbs at the end, paired with larger, wing-like metal pieces, and some plastic and metal twigs (like that hot pink one). And do you SEE that perforated ceiling plate??

Family Room Bar

We’re guessing this painted rainbow swirl was done by the previous owners. It is hard to see in these pictures, but there’s a heart painted into the spiral on one side – it feels personal. The detail on the bar is pretty impressive, even if it’s not our taste. Just another sign that many of the elements of this home were custom-designed!

Family Room and Bar Details

This crazy sink sits in the bar. It’s actually really fun to use! The water flows out over the small, clear, glass circle and into the bowl. And the fan in the living room gives us major Piet Mondrian and sputnik vibes. As with everything else, very colorful!


This was one of the most surprising details of the house; the “climbing man” cabinet pulls. There are some other strange details in this kitchen, too, such as the combination of the tiny glass mosaic tiles and the faux-finished hood, but the layout was actually really functional! For the most part, we’re keeping the layout of the kitchen and just replacing the cabinets and finishes, but we’ll never forget these nude little men climbing up the original cabinet doors.

We hope you enjoyed this tour through one of our most recent projects! Keep up with us on Instagram to see how we’re transforming this home, and let us know what your thoughts are of this before story.