Last week, we went downtown with some friends to finally check out some of the new happening places.  There are a few places that have opened in the past year or two, in spite of the economy, that I haven’t kept up on. We decided to hit the new spots on K street which have gone in on K street.  Being a Thursday night it wasn’t too busy, so we stopped into Dive Bar while we were waiting a short time for a table at Pizza Rock. 

I thought both places emit a vibe of The City (what we Sacramentans call San Francisco) in that they were long narrow spaces with exposed brick walls.  What makes the Dive Bar unique for Sacramento is the fish tank above the bar with actual mermaids swimming back and forth, flirting with the patrons.

Pizza Rock had excellent food!  I loved the selections for their pizzas and the atmosphere was fun and suited my age group.  Rock music from the 90’s played loudly  while we sat at our high top watching pizza dough being twirled for entertainment in front of the giant semi truck sticking out of the wall.

They are both worth checking out if you’re going to downtown Sacramento, especially for the 30 something crowd.