One problem with being an interior designer is to be aware of and critique design wherever you go and whatever you do.

A secondary amusement of mine while watching a show or movie, is to observe the set design. I usually don’t realize I’m doing it until I come across something that starts to distract me and I miss parts of critical dialog.

One of my favorite shows, House, M.D., take place in the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I would like to nod to the set designer Danielle Berman, SDSA for creating a fabulous looking state of the art hospital. The warm wood paneling, expansive glass windows, interior glass walls and sophisticated colors makes me wish I could walk the halls and beautiful lobby. No cramped hallways of VCT, teal rubber cove base and peach vinyl wallcovering. A hospital of that caliber would require many benefactors to give the designers such a luxurious budget to work with. At any rate, I will continue to enjoy it in each episode. For images, see the official website for the show.