We absolutely love Fireclay Tile. They are a tile company that makes all their tile in America (California to be precise – SUPER local for us!), have a mission for sustainability, and have so many different styles, shapes, and colors, AND can even do custom colors!! In fact, we had a tile color custom-made for our Iconic Mid Mod Interior project. Whether you get a custom color tile or not, all the tiles are also handmade, so each tile you get is special for you.

Because of their wide range of colors, we decided to put together a Fall color pallet using Fireclay’s readily available colors! The pallet is above and each specific color in the pallet is shown below with their name and a link so you can go check out all the information about them.




City Lights

Street Car




If you haven’t already, go check out Fireclay Tile to learn more about them, and happy fall!!