Need help selecting paint colors? Our Color Consultation with the RWD designers is perfect for you. They will come to your house for up to an hour to select any and all paint colors that you might need, inside or outside of your house! After the meeting, they’ll send you a consultation summary spec sheet with all of the colors they selected listed out, including the sheen levels they recommend for each space. That way, you can just hand the piece of paper to your painter and they’ll know exactly what to do! 

With a flat fee of $350, this consultation is perfect for anyone in need of help selecting paint colors or putting together a general color palette for their home.

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But what does the meeting really look like? Here is a breakdown of what to expect at a Color Consultation with Rebecca Ward Design:

  • Before the meeting, we’ll ask you what paint brand you or your painter prefer. If you don’t have a brand preference, we’ll select paint colors from our Dunn Edwards paint deck. If you don’t have a painter, don’t worry – we have one we can recommend.
  • At the meeting, our designers will ask you to show them what part of your home needs new paint colors. At this time, walk them around the inside and/or outside of your home and tell them about any colors you like or dislike.
  • They will then look through their paint deck and start selecting paint colors that are the optimal solution to your needs.
  • They’ll show you swatches from the paint deck of the paint colors they have selected. At this time, if there is a paint color that you strongly dislike, let them know so they can select another option!
  • Once the paint colors are finalized, the meeting is over!
  • After the meeting, they’ll send you a summary with all of the paint colors and sheen level recommendations. They will also order larger paint sample card and have them sent directly to your home. 

It’s really THAT simple. The perfect paint color selections with no hassle for you!

We’ve never had a client use our recommendation and end up dissatisfied – and they often recommend us to their friends and neighbors!

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