A great light fixture can set the tone for a space, and we pride ourselves on providing awe inspiring lighting for our clients. But where do we find our jaw dropping light fixtures? One word: Lumens.

Lumens is a Sacramento-based lighting company that supplies not only table and floor lamps, but every other type of fixture you can think of! Ceiling lights, wall lights, outdoor lights, and architectural lighting like recessed lights… they have it all.

Their website is so easy to use, which is always so helpful! You can sort through their thousands of options by organizing by style of light, where it’ll be located (ceiling, wall, floor, etc), and size, which can get you down to a couple hundred options. From there you can filter even further by specifying size, shape, finish, rating, etc. It makes our lighting hunts so simple!

It can also be hard to find a good looking ceiling fan, but Lumens has those too! We’ve decided on a few favorites, which we pull out whenever we have a client who is fed up with all of the ugly fan options out there!

Just a few examples of light fixtures we sourced from Lumens can be seen in our projects below:

The Vortic Flow Flushmount from the Sparkling Statement-Tiled Spa
Glamorous Glass Ensuite
The Bling Chandelier from the Glamorous Glass Ensuite
Contemporary Lakeside Lounge
The Planar Linear Suspension from the Contemporary Lakeside Lodge

Fun fact (and putting some of the knowledge we learned in lighting class to use!): the word “lumens” actually refers to the amount of light that comes out of any given light source. So the more lumens a light fixture puts out, the brighter it will shine!

Check them out at Lumens.com to find the light fixture of your dreams! We often receive discounts from Lumens, which we then pass a percentage of on to our clients. So if you’d like help finding the perfect light fixture for your home design project, contact us here and we would be happy to help!