Rebecca and Lilly went to High Point Market for the first time, which is exciting because it’s the world’s largest home furnishing trade show! They visited 40+ vendor showrooms at the market and saw so many inspiring furniture pieces over their 3 days of exploration.

Going from showroom to showroom, it can be easy for it all to become a blur, but there are a few specific trends that the Rebecca Ward Design team noticed between all the different vendors. These trends are clustered tables and ottomans replacing one large coffee table or ottoman in a seating arrangement, deep yellow colors in golds and mustards, and curved furniture.

Check out these trends in more detail and some photos from the showroom floor below!

Clustered Tables and Ottomans


Deep Yellow is In!

Curved Furniture or Bust

What do you think about these trends!? Are you ready to implement any of them in your home?