Last month, we finally had a chance to travel out to High Point, North Carolina for the 2017 Fall Market, and OH MAN… It’s like Disneyland for interior designers. So much good stuff in such a small town! The showrooms are huge, the food is delicious, and the parties are wild. Forget Vegas, what happens in High Point should stay there!

But we’d be selfish to keep all of our finds to ourselves, so we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 finds from the trip (some oldies but goodies and some new discoveries). Take a look!


#10: Sunpan

Although we’d heard of them before, this was the first time we’ve really taken a good look at Sunpan’s products. The showroom’s mix of contemporary and glam pieces convinced us to find a new Art Deco project to work on!


#9: Dovetail

This vendor is an old favorite, but the High Point showroom had a playful vibrance that we couldn’t help but notice. The new vibe is on-trend, and we can’t wait to keep using Dovetail pieces in many projects to come!


#8: Noir

Another go-to for the RWD team, Noir and CFC are always hard to beat. Even though we’ve seen many of the pieces in person before, the huge, brick showroom in North Carolina managed to show off the pieces in a way that’s pretty indescribable.


#7: Loloi

In case anyone was wondering, the new bohemian pillow collection from Justina Blakeney is to-die-for! As always, Loloi’s entire showroom was beautifully inviting, but the new collections from Justina and Ellen DeGeneres were the real show-stoppers this time around.

Classic Home

#6: Classic Home

Nothing super new here, but Classic Home’s showrooms are always a great place to go for some fresh inspiration. We loved this vignette with the white leather sofa!


#5: Arteriors

While we’re not exactly strangers to this brand, it’s been a while since we’ve sourced light fixtures from them. But you can bet we’re going to be searching hard for projects to use their product in from now on! Absolutely stunning fixtures, and a moody, glamorous showroom to boot.


#4: Surya

Surya’s been a long-time favorite of ours for rugs and pillows, but in the last year or two they’ve really stepped up their game in the light fixture and accessories department! We were a little blown away by the awesome selection of vases
and decorative objects they had to offer.

Four Hands

3. Four Hands

We pretty much gush about Four Hands every time we get the chance to visit one of their showrooms, but HOLY COW. We’ve NEVER seen a showroom as amazing as the one at High Point. Nothing in particular stood out from the rest, because the whole thing was swoon-worthy.

Worlds Away

2. Worlds Away

One of our go-to glam vendors is stepping into the world of Midcentury Modern, and we are STOKED. Would you just look at that gorgeous burl wood? Can’t wait to see what other products they develop!


1. Nuevo

Walking into this showroom, we had a moment of “where has this vendor been all our lives, and why have we never heard of it??” It’s the perfect balance of contemporary, glam, and midcentury, which means it’s the happy medium between the styles of RWD’s two designers. We were singing Nuevo’s praises all the way home, and can’t wait to set up an account to start using their product!

If you’re interested in any of these product lines, and would like to purchase some furniture or accessories, please feel free to contact us!

Happy designing!