Are you curious about a career in interior design?  Maybe you have been rearranging your room constantly since you were young, or maybe you remodeled your own home and thought you might want to actually do this for a living.  Maybe you are stuck in a job and the creative side of you is calling out for a change – a true career you can be passionate about.  Well, whether you are trying to decide on your major in college or thinking of making a career shift, you are in the right place!

My name is Rebecca Ward, CEO and principal designer of Rebecca Ward Design and also, your mentor and host of The Design Curious podcast.  It is my mission to educate you on what a career in interior design really means.  Listen in as we cover the requirements, the challenges, and the rewards the career can promise.

Each week there will be a new episode with about half of them being solo episodes (with yours truly) and the other half being interviews with amazing designers from around the world.

I will explore topics in solo episodes such as schooling and Internships and understanding if you have to have a 4-year degree to be a designer – or even, at what point do you call yourself a designer. I will touch on practical skills every designer needs to develop regardless if you want to go on your own or work for someone else, what are the niches within interior design, and discover WHY you might even want to pick a niche! I will encourage you to find a supportive community and seek out coaching by explaining how beneficial these both have been for me.  I will explore how we can manage our mindsets around fears of change, fear of failure, and making money.  I will use my 20 years in the industry to inform you about the right way to start once you decide to become a designer.

I will also bring interviews with many other amazing designers in the industry.  Everyone, especially me, loves a good origin story and I will get the scoop on how these designers launched their careers.  We will talk about the challenges they faced and the advice they wish they had known starting out.  You will discover by listening to these amazing creatives that there is more than one path to being a successful designer. You will hear from designers who took the traditional path of college, internship, and career right out of high school, while others may have fallen into an apprenticeship or transferred from adjacent careers like architecture or graphic design.  Some switched majors in college while others worked in another industry for years before discovering their true passion in design.  It is amazing how interior design is such a common second career choice!  I will also include a few interviews from those who tried the career and found it not the best fit for them! This podcast will be a great resource for anyone weighing the options of the career and it will show you how varied the path can be to becoming an interior designer.

So, grab a coffee, a notebook and listen along and find the answers you are looking for in the Design Curious Podcast! Click here to list listening.