I’ve had to take a short break from blogging lately to get my house and office moved.  I worked myself into the ground on this move apparently since I came down with that nasty cold that’s been going around.  Then, we procrastinated on getting the internet set up and there is an 8 day waiting period from when you order it.  It feels like the dark ages without the internet in my house.   It makes life much more difficult.  Thank goodness for smart phones for reserving some of my sanity.  I’m borrowing internet from my family today to bring you this update.  Put all that together and Design R has been a little neglected.

I thought I would share some “before” photos of my house before my “after – in progress” photos are taken.  I won’t have true “after” photos for a while as there are a few projects I would like to do, but I will at least show you the paint updates soon.  So enjoy and imagine the potential of my new home:

It’s odd to see these!  Paint does wonders!  Just wait till you see it now!

Photos by Rebecca Ward