Hello Summer! If you have been wanting to bring some cheerful Summer energy into your interiors, we have some easy trends for you to use. You can mix and match some of these trends together or pick your favorite and run with it to create your perfect Summer home. Here are our 5 favorite Summer design trends to implement in your home today!

Pops of Color

Adding bright Summer-y colors to your interior decor is an easy way to bring happy, Summer vibes into your home. You can do this very simply by swapping your throw pillows, accessories, florals, and art with colorful alternatives. Or, if you want Summer all year round, pick a bright wallpaper or paint color to add a POP! to your space. When adding Summer colors, yellows, citrus colors, and aquas are what you should gravitate toward!

Indoor Outdoor Living

Pulling the outdoors into your home is a sure-fire way of adding some Summer energy into your interiors. Whether it’s accentuating your windows to bring your yard to the forefront of your space, or adding faux or real plants to your decor, bringing nature inside will bring all the Summer happiness to your room. You can also consider using some outdoor furniture pieces in your home, like the porch swing above!

Natural Fibers

Another easy way of incorporating Summer design trends into your home is adding furniture and decor pieces that are made of natural fibers. Wicker furniture automatically screams outdoor living and casual lazy days of Summer, so working it into your interior design will bring Summer joy all year round. The above dining chairs are a great example, but you can also find wicker accent chairs, side tables, rugs, blanket baskets, and so much more!

Nautical Themes

There’s just something about a nautically themed room that feels like Summer. So go ahead and pull out all the blue tones, jute rugs, and coastal accents! This option is especially helpful for someone who wants subtle Summer vibes all year.

Go Bold

Summer is the perfect time to go bold with your interiors – after all, Summer is all about being bold, wild, and free! So, have some fun! Mix patterns, play with color, and try something new! Layering unexpected patterns and colors infuse a space with energy and instantly adds so much cheer.XOXO,