Today I’m in the land of bright fabrics.  I’m surrounded by names like Volcano, Tobasco, Poppy and Red Pepper while narrowing down my choices for the project I’m working on.  So many options and great fabrics, so little things to apply them to.  Thanks goodness for throw pillows since they allow me to keep a few more of the fun fabrics in the loop.

My current project is bringing together contemporary and old world, antique furniture and modern color and patterns. It’s been really fun bringing it all together.  These two books have a been a great source of inspiration:

Glamour from Met Home

and New Classic Style from Better Homes and Garden.

(You can find these in my amazon bookstore).

I’ll be presenting the project next week to the client so I’m sure you will be getting a glimpse of the presentation board when it’s done.  Have a great weekend!

Photos by Rebecca Ward