When we went to High Point furniture market last year, one of the most memorable things we saw was the Manchaha collection from Jaipur Living. Manchaha is a one-of-a-kind rug collection created by weavers who are given the freedom to create rugs of their own design out of scraps of yarn from other completed rugs.

According to the Jaipur website, Manachah means “expression of my heart” which is exactly the feeling these rugs evoke. Each one is incredibly unique and absolutely looks like an expression of the artisan’s heart. Many of the rug listings include an excerpt about the artisan so you can learn more about the person who created the rug and there is additional information about the naming of the rug, which gives amazing insight into what makes each rug so special.

Take a look at the LES-1045 rug created by Pooja, Sheela, and Monika and you’ll see what we mean!

Part of the magic of these rugs is that they are not only a unique piece of decor from a design perspective, but they are also using recycled material (great for the environment) and are ethically crafted (great for the artisan). But the true magic comes from them being made by an artisan who has control over their design, making the rugs like a work of art.

Another favorite rug at the moment (it’s always changing) is LES-752 which is not only a gorgeous rug, but has a love story attached! The weavers, Bhagchand and Parvati are a husband and wife team who have been working together for over a decade. Parvati learned how to weave after getting married to Bhagchand and when Bhagchand saw how much she loved weaving, he decided to join her – so sweet! Another part of the story of this rug is that the duo started the rug with the intention of making it perfect, but decided to switch things up and ended up truly showing that imperfection is beautiful! Check it out!

We love the stories and artistry of these rugs and applaud Jaipur Living for doing something unique for the industry. Because these rugs are one-of-a-kind, the inventory listed is always changing… in fact, it’s possible that none of the links in this post will go where they originally did at the time of writing this article, so check out what is currently in the Manachaha collection here and let us know what you think!