Whether we’ve taken note of it or not, design styles have been around for centuries. Constantly changing, improving, mixing, and resurfacing. Many find it difficult to define their style, or even know the difference between them all. Honest, most of us are not married to one style over another, mixing styles together to create a unique beauty specified to each individual. With that said, there is usually one design style favored above the others. So which style do you have your heart set on? Let’s start with defining the nine main styles that Rebecca Ward Design uses.


Contemporary interior design is sleek, clean, and largely free of embellishment, making it a favorite for anyone who strives for simplicity and minimalism. You will find this style includes furniture with straight lines, and sharp angles with inviting textures and mixed metals!


Undecided on a style? Transitional is the perfect medium, combining the best aspects of traditional luxury and clean lines of contemporary design. This style will make a space feel more warm and inviting than a contemporary space, but less ornate than a traditional interior.


Slipcovered white sofas on sisal rugs, wicker, blue and white pinstriped pillows are all essential elements in creating a cottage interior. Add white walls, natural fibers and breadboards and you can almost smell the ocean outside. Cottage styles typically include cozy furniture, natural fibers, and wood ceilings and floors.


Picture a lakeside vacation cabin in the woods. You will most likely see worn, unfinished wood, distressed finishes, repurposed objects, and cozy furniture. All of this comes together to create a country interior. Variations of this style include Americana (all things red, white, and blue), French Country (tufted cushions, roll top sofas), Shabby Chic (girly take on country), and Cabin Style (wood galore).


Bohemian design is a well-traveled look. Essentially the opposite of minimalism, this style oozes vibrant colors, cozy textures, and layers beyond of patterns. You will find knickknacks from travels around the world coating the room, along with antiques and plants filling in the spaces in between.

Midcentury Modern

This style will take you back in time while still making the room feel up to date. With bright colored sofas, lifted off the ground, next to a hairpin-leg coffee table and a brass sunburst mirror above it’ll almost be like time traveling to the 50’s! Midcentury Modern design has a minimalistic and retro feel with the added interest of brilliant colors and rich wood tones.


Think Marilyn Monroe, penthouses, The Great Gatsby, and mansions. Glam interiors are perfect for those of us who need a little sparkle and shine in our everyday lives. Calling back to the Art Deco and Hollywood Regency eras, this style trademarks plush fur pillows, luxurious velvet, moody wall colors, shimmering metallic and mirrored case goods, and chandeliers dripping with bling. It’s almost as if you could taste the elegancy.


Some things just never go out of style, reason being it’s hard to compete with classic! Traditional style interior design is as classic as it gets. This style mixes carved wood furniture, tassels, gilded finishes, roll-top sofa arms, and lace to create a graceful and elegant interior.


Picture a warehouse, or an unfinished city loft. Add some furniture and boom you have an industrial interior! Exposed beams and brick, rustic wood, and concrete floors all come together to create an unfinished look that has caught the eye and hearts of many designers over the years. Industrial design seeks to unveil the inner workings of the structure to combine with natural light and simple furniture for a clean and cozy feel.


The idea that simplicity is the best way to enjoy the things you already have is the backbone behind minimalistic design styles – Scandinavian. Typical characteristics of this style include light wood furniture, bright white walls, and pale accent colors. Lightweight furniture, sheepskin rugs, woven wall hangings, and fluffy throw pillows combine to turn these minimal spaces into cozy interiors.


White plaster walls, terracotta floors, arched openings contrasted with dark wood beams all come together to create a beautiful Spanish interior. Add some leafy plants, hand-painted tiles, accents of cobalt blue, and vibrant patterns and you’ll feel like you could step outside and be in Santa Barbara!


Zen interior will make you feel like there is no other space that is more relaxing. With clean lines, lack of clutter, an abundance of negative space, this style creates a feeling of tranquility. Zen design styles are inspired by Asian culture with the use of natural materials, low and flat accent furniture, and high ceilings. Additional trademarks include cherry blossom motifs and paper shoji doors.

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