I am thrilled to introduce Patti Johnson to you as my guest blogger today.

Patti and I got to know each other from the Twitter chat, “#IntDesignerChat”, where I find all of her input so inspiring and fabulous that I am often retweeting her tweets during the chat. She is a wealth of knowledge about interior design, the industry and business of design.  She usually take the words right out of my mouth and says it even better than I could!  Patti is an Interior Designer in Ohio and owner of Patti Johnson Interiors.  Patti’s motto is “Transforming Spaces Into Beautiful Places.” With such a beautiful portfolio, I would say she is quite successful.  Be sure to look her up!

Here is her insight for today:

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Or, on the floor…

Or, on the furniture

The fact is, there are many ways to decorate a space with mirrors, even if you can’t find the wall space.  Most of us know that having a mirror in the room reflects light and gives the illusion of a larger space, so obviously they are great in a small space. Hanging a mirror in a large space is great as well; just make sure the scale is correct for the room or consider hanging a collection of mirrors of different sizes and shapes for a focal point or wall of interest.  Keep in mind what the mirror is reflecting and of course keep it clean.

Mirrors can be a great solution for wall “art” when you cannot find the appropriate piece of art large enough.  I love mirrors of a creative shape, don’t you?

Mirrors can act as a conversation piece…Something that tells a little bit about your personality and the direction of the décor …

Over all, they come in all shapes, sizes and finishes and can look great on top of a mantel, just leaning against the wall.  Guests will appreciate a mirror in your foyer or nearby for that convenient grooming check point. Below, the mirror over the mantel is partially hidden by items staged to create a beautiful vignette, with just a hint of the mirror visible!

Springtime is an excellent time to let your home shine and what better way to do it than by reflecting your personal style with mirrors? Mirror, Mirror on the wall? You be the judge!

Chatti Patti Talks Design!

Pictures of mirrors courtesy of Horchow.com