Starting off the year with a fabulous guest post covering some great design trends for 2012 by Lisa!

Design Trends for 2012
By taking a look at concept creations from leading designers, we can predict the trends we will see in the coming year. Harsh lines of previous years are falling to the wayside and touches of traditionalism and warmth will make their mark. Here are a handful of trends that if applied can add character to your already existing house plans.

Starck House Plans
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Global Inspiration
Maps and architecturally-inspired designs will outlast 2011, and worldly designs are welcome. Use accent pieces that harness the feel of faraway lands. For example, if you’ve traveled to a distant country, display your souvenirs instead of storing them. A bright and eclectic tribal mask from Africa will display nicely amongst neutral furniture. Try incorporating a global element to bathroom vanities by adding bathroom mirrors with a unique shape and applying geography-inspired wallpaper behind them. 

Ian's bedroom
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Real Antiques
Clean lines will be a continuous trend in architecture, but 2012 will favor genuine antiques regarding furniture. Real antiques add warmth and character to an otherwise cold and uninviting room. As the years go by, antique preservation is on the rise as well—a great way to preserve is to bring an antique into your home and pamper it in the years to come. This is a great time to take heirlooms out of storage and display them proudly.

Photo by Rebecca Ward
Perforations in Lighting
Perforations, or “cutouts,” will be big in the coming year.  Perforations simply refer to pieces of lamp shades or other lighting elements that appear to have been “cut out” and allow light to shine directly through. These cutouts can come in any shape or size and look best when they are small and abundant. This unique addition creates beautiful lighting displays along walls and ceilings and instantly adds texture to an otherwise complacent room. Perforations will not only be present in lighting fixtures but in separation walls as well. Adding thin sheets of plexiglass or other sturdy material with perforations will create separation while retaining an open feel.

Photo by Rebecca Ward

Chandeliers and Ornate Glassware

Elements inspired by the time of kings and queens will reign in 2012. Chandeliers add an element of sophistication with a touch of warmth to a cold space. Light reflection is important—ornate glassware in conjunction with chandeliers and other glass pieces will welcome illumination and a variety of texture. These elements will work well in any living space, especially a dining or formal area.

Lisa is interested in all things real estate including Austin homes for sale. She loves interior design, architecture, and following home trends. 
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