So, you’ve decorated for Fall, you’re feeling warm and cozy, your home is giving you pumpkin spice and everything nice vines… but now it’s Halloween time! No need to completely take down the Fall decor you put up just to put it back up for Thanksgiving. It is so easy to inject a little bit of spooky into your existing home decor!

Here are some simple ideas you can use to inspire you to make simple swaps in your home decor to get ready for the Halloween season!

If you are already decorated for Fall, you probably have faux pumpkins hanging around your home. The simple update to this is adding some black pumpkins into the mix! You can also add a witch’s broom, and faux skull, maybe in candle form, into the arrangement! Try adding scary animals on shelves or table tops around your home. The classic option here is a spider or bat, but blackbirds or snakes are also a great option!


Instead of adding spooky items into an existing decor arrangement, you can also swap everyday items out with a spookier version.  Easy examples of this include your doormat, throw pillows, floral arrangements, and wreaths. There are even spooky versions of taper candles you can swap with normal candles!

Happy Halloween, and happy decorating!