Today my work took me outside and to downtown Sacramento where many Victorian style houses can be found.  I was referred to this client for my eye for color by my painter, Dayne Beals of Infinity Paint and Restoration.  He has been spending much time prepping the job, as these older homes require, and meanwhile the homeowner was having some difficulty deciding on color.  It really is best to call in an expert on these types of jobs. Victorians are beautiful, when they are done right.  Unfortunately there are quite a few in disrepair downtown or that have been washed out in a single color, hiding all the detailed craftsmanship.  Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the beauty they can reveal when a little TLC is given to them.

We came up with a pleasing and sophisticated 4-color scheme that I’m positive will translate well when it’s finished.

Paints are Dunn Edwards Brand

I’ll be sure to post photos once it’s completed!

Photos from sac historic house blog and Easton Painting