California Causal is a design style that describes a space that is sophisticated yet focuses on being inviting and comfortable. Comfort is key in a California Casual space, so despite being chic, it is never snooty or snobbish, hence, the casual in California Casual. It usually utilizes soft colors and a mixture of wood finishes with nods to the California lifestyle through accents that allude to the outdoors.

We used the Rebecca Ward Design shop, Rebecca’s Collection. to pull together some design boards (like we would show a client of ours) a design for a California Casual bedroom. A soothing mix of neutrals, natural materials, pops of blue and green, and art that brings the outside in help to give the California vibe to this space. As we mentioned, everything on the board is on the RWD shop, so if you want to bring this look home, or you’re just in love with the faux floral arrangement, head over to the shop to check it out!

Shop the Boards:

Bed | Nightstands | Dresser | Bench | Bedding | Pillow 1 | Pillow 2 | Pillow 3 | Throw Blanket | Lamps | Leaf Art 1 | Leaf Art 2 | Leaf Art 3 | Landscape Art | Faux Floral | Rug 

Tell us, have you heard of the California Casual design style and is it something you think is a good fit for your home?