One of the booths I stopped at in the KBIS exhibit hall was Hanwha Surfaces.  Thay had a great display of their quartz material, Hanstone, and solid surface, Hanex.  They displayed a variety of new colors and eco friendly surfaces.

Some of the solid surface test colors they were asking feedback on, with a reward of a starbucks giftcard on the spot! Among the new trendy they had a solid red, orange and yellow in a rubik’s cube display and frosty translucent blues pinks and greens in an interior lit cube.  I thought they were fun but probably best applied in commercial settings.  I could orange and see red being used but the primary orange and yellow just reminded me of a fast food chain.

The main draw to their booth besides the ipad drawing and 49 new earthy colors were the the live models dressed in bodysuits that blended with the quartz slab in the background. 

It was a great photo op and many stopped to have their pictures taken with the models.  You can see all the fun on their flicker site.  I thought walking around the exhibits was tiring but I’m sure standing in one place all day may have been worse!

Happy Friday!

Images by Rebecca Ward and Hanwha