Last week I installed a new living/dining room and study at the Love Residence.  I loved this project and my clients, the Loves were ideal!   I will reveal the project to you over a series of posts.  The first is a look behind the scenes on installation day.  So much preparation and coordination goes into this important day. 

The design is beginning to come together

I have to time ordering all the furniture so it arrives approximately at the same time to my delivery company so they don’t have to store it for very long.

Then I have to coordinate the necessary people to do their part on that day.  This time around I had one of my workrooms installing reupholstered chair seats and one of my contractors to hang art. 

I also had a design assistant to help me take photos and bounce ideas off of for last minute touches.

Unfortunately, due to budgeting limitation, we had to cut new accessories and lamps but I was able to make do with their existing items for the time being.

Installations always take a lot out of me but are so satisfying.  It is one of my favorite parts of my job to see the concept go from an idea to reality.

I love the new fabric on this classic chair

More to come!