Fireplace Design

The first thing that our clients said they wanted done in their home was re-modeling the fireplace. The original fireplace was in the corner of the room and although functional, wasn’t much of a “wow” factor.

They wanted to keep their existing flooring and already knew that they wanted the fireplace centered in the room with the television above the mantle.

Thankfully our clients had some spare floor tiles which we were able to use where the old fireplace was located. We centered the fireplace in the room, re-finished it in this gorgeous stacked stone and built cabinets and bookcases on either side of it.

We also added a window in the corner of the room where the fireplace was originally located to create total and complete symmetry on the wall.

Furniture Design

After the fireplace re-model was finished, our clients came to us wanting all new furniture for the room! Their style really lends itself nicely to cozy neutrals, so that’s where we went with. The room was designed with texture and homeyness in mind.

Their original furniture layout was the most functional layout for the room, so we kept the layout and replaced all of the furniture pieces.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of this space as much as we enjoyed creating it!