It was brought to my attention by the lovely blog Nyla Free Designs that there are some great opportunities out there for design bloggers and their enthusiastic supporters to be entered in a few contests.

The first is the Modenus Blog Tour entry competition.

Modenus will be selecting a few design bloggers to attend one of their tours.  This year they will be hosting four tours in New York, London, Paris and Madrid.  So bloggers, go brag about yourself here and find out more about this fabulous tour.

Also, readers, you can nominate your favorite new traditional designer for Traditional Home’s search for up and coming designers.

So take a look at Traditional Home’s site here.

And let’s not forget about the Design Bloggers Conference coming up in LA at the end of February.

I really want to go to this but I would have to have a sponsor since it’s not in my budget for the year.  Suggestions?