If you are new around here, you might not know that RWD decorated a couple of Christmas show houses for the Sacred Heart Home Tour, here in Sacramento, CA. In 2018 we decorated a fun and colorful home we dubbed the Merry Mid Mod Christmas house, and in 2019 we decorated a lovely home we called the Snowy White CA Cottage Christmas house.

Each house and the decorations we implemented were entirely unique to each home and the people who live there. Check out some of our favorite decorations from the two houses:

These gingerbread cookies were baked and decorated by Desert Flour Cookies – aren’t they gorgeous!? We created scenes in large jars with the cookies using sugar as the snow. It was such a fun and unique decoration.

These snowy white faux florals made for the most beautiful Christmas tree decorations. We used a mixture of magnolias, fur poinsettias, and glitter berries and twigs to accomplish the look.

This metal deer family was custom-made by Wildwood Metalworks for our Snowy White CA Cottage Christmas house. They are the perfect outdoor Christmas decoration because they are cute and super easy to store!

Our floral tree in the Merry Mid Mod Christmas house is probably our all-time favorite feature from all of our Christmas decorations. The tree was put together by our florist Arden Park Florist. Not only did it look amazing, but it smelled AMAZING too!

This piece of art is by Whitney Lofrano, one of Rebecca’s favorite artists. It was the perfect pop of color above the entry console!

We also had floral centerpieces made by Arden Park Florist with the same flowers on the tree. It helped pull the whole room together and was the perfect statement center piece on the dining table.

We spent hours making these pom pom ball wreaths! We used yarn in all the colors we were using throughout the house and they turned out so fun, the homeowners still use them on their doors during the holidays! Now we are not only interior design professionals but professional pom pom makers too!

The pom poms didn’t stop at the front door. We also decorated the tree in the kids’ playroom and all the gift packages in that room with pom poms too! It was such a fun touch to the space and perfect for the room’s purpose.

What was your favorite Christmas decoration and are you feeling inspired to decorate your own home this year!?