A few days ago, my Designer friend, DeAnna Mackensen of REDesign Interiors and I donned our “sensible shoes” and headed down to San Francisco.

We attended a seminar for Lexington Furniture in their new MacQueen Showroom at the Design Center.  We learned about their latest lines and got to try out some of the great pieces they had out on the floor.

After lunch we headed over to the beautiful hills of Pacific Heights to attend this year’s Decorator Showcase house, which they do every May.

We weren’t allowed to take photos without the designer’s there to give us permission so I can’t show you much except for the Media Room.  We were fortunate that Colby Proctor, the Senior Designer of the Weaver Design Group was there to answer our questions about their fabulous design.

Photo via DeAnna Mackensen

I love these oversize nailheads!

If you are in San Francisco this May, I recommend checking out the house.  I found it especially appealing this year in that there was a congruent theme between the rooms. The color palettes and design styles blended better than I have ever noticed in the past.  A great feat to accomplish when 30 designers are involved!

Photos by Rebecca Ward, U.N.O.