It’s finally the holiday season (!) which means it’s time to decorate the tree, bake lots of cookies, and of course, try to find the perfect gift for those we love. Gift giving, and the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone, is something the RWD team truly enjoys. The thought of finding some little unexpected item that will bring a smile to the face of someone we love is part of what makes Christmas such a magical time!
However, the hunt can easily turn into more of a stressful experience than a joyous one. AND it has a tendency to turn into an expensive one as well when the list of people we are buying for grows longer and longer. For all of these reasons, our team has compiled a list of 50 gift ideas, all under $50! The list is designed to cover all of your bases, including the kiddos in your life. Some of our favorite items from the list include the cheese board (who doesn’t like cheese and want to display it in a pretty way, duh), the tote bag (everyone needs a good tote!), and the books (books are one of our all time favorite gifts to give).

The list also includes some specialty items such as the reusable leather golf scorecard, perfect for that one uncle you have who loves golf, but he seemingly already has all the gear… bet he doesn’t have a leather scorecard! We also included a coffee maker, latte art kit, gourmet popcorn gift set, and even a homemade hot sauce kit, because everyone’s bound to have someone in their life who’s known for loving one (or all) of those things!

If you have someone in your life you really struggle to find gift ideas for, our words of wisdom are, “go to Etsy”. On Etsy, it’s easy to find personalized items that would work for anyone! This time of year, they even have gift suggestion pages which make it easy to sift through all the options and find the perfect gift. Plus, by shopping at Etsy you have the peace of mind knowing that your money is going to a creative craftsman, instead of a big business. Our favorite Etsy item from our list is the personalized spa gift – you get to choose the soap scent and lip balm flavor you want to include!

In the end, gift giving is really about expressing to someone that you care, so don’t stress, and have some fun with it! Check out our complete 50 under $50 gift guide below:

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Happy holidays, and happy shopping!