I’ve been inspired!  Here is my official inspiration board for the year 2012 – a year that is showing much promise for my business!

I love having these boards posted on the wall near my computer.  I know that throughout the year it does, and has, lend inspiration for my career, my passion for interiors and the things I have done or want to do in my designs.

The medium I prefer for these boards is magazine photos pasted into a collage. I notice the colors are similar to last years but more bright orange, pinks, and turquoise with touches of gold. Very vibrant and fresh with hints of
sophistication and bling.  I see cosmopolitan and global emerging as well.  It will be an interesting year!

I want to see your inspirations for 2012!  Please post a reply with a link to wherever you have posted your board online, or you can upload it to my facebook page.