The last few weeks have been hard on all of us. But we’re making an effort to spread positivity amidst the chaos, and we wanted to share our methods with you! Take a look below for our top 10 ways to stay positive during a pandemic (and beyond).

1. Get Active

Getting active improves your well-being in more ways than one. Going out for a walk or following a yoga class online makes you feel physically and mentally well because it releases endorphins, meaning it literally brings happiness! In these stressful times, getting your blood pumping can help reduce stress and anxiety. Plus it is (of course) also good for our bodies in a stay-at-home situation!

2. Get Creative

Letting your creative juices flow is always a mood booster! And getting creative doesn’t necessarily have to involve putting a paintbrush to a canvas. If that makes you happy, then great! But if not, you could try creating a new recipe, re-arranging a room, or trying a DIY from Pinterest. There are endless ways of being creative and any activity where you are creating something new or solving a problem creatively can be a positive experience!

3. Read a Favorite Book

Nothing beats reading your favorite book, right?! Laughing, crying, or being on the edge of your seat with your favorite characters is always a good time. It has a way of transporting us to another world, which can be helpful when there are a lot of negative things happening around us in real life. So try turning off the news earlier than usual, and pick up a good story to immerse yourself in!

4. Reach Out to a Loved One

Virtually of course! Having to distance ourselves from friends and family is hard, but talking about what we’re going through and working through our feelings with the ones we love is enormously helpful. Plus, family and friends are the people who can make us laugh harder than anyone else, share inside jokes with us, and remind us of great memories we’ve made together. Talking to them is bound to spur positivity, so pick up your phone or hop on a Google Hangouts call, ASAP!

5. Get Organized

Chaotic surroundings definitely don’t encourage positivity, especially when we’re spending so much time inside. Spend some of your free time picking a spot in your home and doing a deep clean! It will not only make your space look better, but it’s also such a good feeling when you work hard to accomplish something, and then see the difference your work has made.

6. Find the Good News

Too much access to the news and Facebook is never great, but in these times especially, it can really add to our anxieties. So, seek out the good news! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, there are a lot of good things happening in the world right now. Surrounding yourself with positive news will help you to feel more positive.

7. Make a Happy Playlist

Try making a playlist of songs that make you smile, and maybe even dance a little! By creating a happy-making playlist, you’re creating something that you can throw on during the day to instantly bring positivity. Not sure where to start? Consider the artists or genres of music make you sing along, or recall a good memory and start there. While listening to that music, pay attention to what other songs come to mind and add them to the playlist! Pretty soon, you’ll have the most rockin’ playlist of all time!

8. Make a Yummy, Nutritious Meal

Spending time making a favorite meal is not only fun, but really rewarding! Plus, you get to eat good food when you’re finished making it, so what’s not to love?! We would also encourage you to try picking a back-of-panty item you already have and coming up with a new favorite recipe. This all being said, ordering take-out from your favorite local restaurant is also a really positive thing to do right now!

9. Soak in Some Sun

Whether you’re sitting in your backyard with a glass of iced tea, or out on a remote nature trail, being outside and getting some fresh air is uplifting. You might even consider bringing some nature inside with you! Some pretty, good-smelling foliage on your dining table is sure to bring a little spot of brightness to your space. Now that it’s so easy to stay inside 24/7, getting outside is more of a challenge, and more beneficial than ever before. We promise your body will thank you! Just keep your social distance, of course.

10. Be Good to Yourself

This is such an important one, and it’s something that is easily forgotten! Speak positively to yourself and practice seeing the good in bad situations. It will improve your mental health and will make you a happier person. Take care of your body and soul too. Take a bubble bath, condition your hair, do your nails, put on a luxurious face mask, and do whatever makes you feel good and your body happy. Journal, pray, meditate… whatever brings you joy and peace, do it!

Being positive spreads positivity.

You may have noticed that many of these suggestions go hand in hand. For example, cooking is a form of creativity, and it’s also one of our main suggestions for staying positive! You can listen to your positive playlist while working out, or you can even work out outside. Doing positive things spreads positivity. The more you practice, the easier it will become. Make it your goal to try all of these suggestions and let us know what works for you!

We’ve got this.