Rustic Ranch

Photos: Kat Alves Photography

Summary: When our client enlisted our help for her project, she expressed dissatisfaction with the fragmented layout of her family room, kitchen, and dining area, which felt dim and confining. These spaces also failed to capture her affinity for industrial design. Thus, our vision from the outset was clear: remove the barriers between the three rooms and extend the family room wall into the backyard, culminating in the creation of a spacious and cohesive great room.

With the space now seamlessly interconnected, the next phase of our endeavor involved curating finishes and selecting furniture that would harmonize with the industrial aesthetic our client coveted. The new fireplace tile, resembling concrete, infuses the family room with a rustic allure, while the inclusion of white cabinetry throughout ensures an airy and open ambiance. Dark wood shelves surrounding the fireplace and peninsula in the kitchen add depth and contrast, further enhancing the space’s visual appeal. Noteworthy is the custom metal range hood, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Wildwood Customs, serving as a striking focal point that perfectly encapsulates the industrial theme.

In furnishing the space, we prioritized both comfort and style, incorporating industrial accents such as leather and metal to complement the overall design ethos. The leather sling-back chairs in the family room offer unparalleled comfort, while the dining chairs, with their angled backs, serve as captivating statement pieces in an otherwise understated setting.

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