Refined Urban Abode

Photos: Kat Alves Photography
Construction: Trademaster Construction

Summary: The property’s history tells a story of craftsmanship, once owned by a man who had his own construction company. Its distinct features piqued the interest of our clients, particularly as avid dog trainers seeking ample space to accommodate their furry companions.

While the property boasted vast potential, the house itself required significant renovation to align with our clients’ vision of a contemporary haven. A comprehensive overhaul ensued, with the kitchen and two bathrooms undergoing complete transformations. Walls were shifted and reimagined to optimize the kitchen layout, culminating in the addition of a coveted walk-in pantry. Noteworthy among the renovations is the striking use of copper penny round tiles in the downstairs bathroom, a design element that remains a highlight in our portfolio.

Every facet of the home underwent a revitalization, from the living spaces to the bedrooms and guest suite. Of particular note are the two bespoke metal headboards meticulously crafted by Custom Wildworks, infusing the bedrooms with an industrial edge that is distinctive. This fusion of functionality and aesthetics has breathed new life into the property, transforming it into a contemporary sanctuary that seamlessly balances style and substance. Ready to start your own project? Click here to book a call!

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