Words That Wow: How to Write Your Interior Designer’s Website Copy With Masha Koyen

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In the world of Interior Designer websites, where a single picture can resonate with a thousand words, is copy truly essential? Or is it only a waste of resources?

Yes, your photos should speak volumes. They should speak for themselves. So the question is, do you still need words on your website? Can the pictures alone grab people’s attention in just a few minutes?

Today on the podcast, I chat with Masha, an Interior Design Copywriter. She shares the common mistakes interior designers make when writing copy for their websites, and how she writes website copy that connects and sells.

Want to understand why copywriting matters for your interior design business? Listen in as we chat about website messaging (and lead magnets & email too!). We even discuss AI, such as ChatGPT, which proves the importance of a copywriter despite advances in artificial intelligence.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Understand the power of storytelling in interior design copywriting
  • Assess your existing website copy for mistakes and make the necessary adjustments
  • Use the REVEAL Framework in crafting your compelling website copy
    About the Guest:

    Masha Koyen is the Messaging Strategist and Copywriter behind Content Vertical. With over 20 years of professional writing experience, she is your word ninja, specializing in data-driven strategic copy that instantly engages your audience. She’s the copywriter behind some kickass websites in the interior design industry.

    Her signature REVEAL method, which blends research insights with brand elevation, ensures that your web copy speaks directly to your clients’ innermost desires.

    Drawing from 14 years of marketing expertise with global giants KPMG and Deloitte, Masha launched Content Vertical in 2019, carving a niche in website copywriting. Her journey was driven by a desire for more family time, making Masha not only a master of words but also of work-life balance.

    Connect with Masha Koyen:

    Website: Content Vertical
    Instagram: @masha.copywriter

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:08 – The route Masha took to become a messaging strategist and copywriter

      05:41 – How she developed the REVEAL Framework and how it helps tell compelling stories

      07:29 – Common mistakes interior designers make in writing copy for their websites

      • Talking to a general audience – It is impossible to serve everyone. To help your target audience, talk to them in a way that helps them understand how you can help.
      • Showing only images on the website – Make your website stick out using words that resonate with your target audience. PRO TIP: Google is still the King, so use words to attract and hook your audience for SEO purposes.
      • Offering too many service options at once – Stand out as an expert and make working with you as easy as possible for your audience by offering limited options.
      • Vague or Missing CTA (Call to Action) –  Guide them through your website and tell them what they should do next using clear CTAs.

      11:51 – How she works with clients, and two ways you can start your website project

      13:43 – Masha’s 3-Step Process

      1. Discovery Call – Schedule a Discovery Call in order to establish rapport and compatibility. Be sure to handle logistics like contracts and invoicing before moving forward.
      2. Client Questionnaire – Interview the client in great detail, just as you would in a therapy session. Get to know your clients’ journeys, ideal audiences, pain points, aspirations, preferences, and more.
      3. Strategic Call – Determine unique differentiators with a strategy call. Get the most out of your project by moving forward with comprehensive insights.

      14:57 – The REVEAL Framework in 6 Steps

      1. Research and Discovery – Get to know your brand voice because the beauty of copywriting is basically to ensure the writing sounds like you. Research goes through everything by studying everything about you how you sound and how you want to come across to your ideal clients.
      2. Extracting Key Messaging – Uncover the sticky messaging bits like what your differentiator is, what value you provide, and what should be articulated in the copy.
      3. Voice of Customers – Interview your clients by hopping on a call with at least five of them. Get the juiciest customer testimonials and stories, because sometimes not everybody’s good at giving testimonials. Help get great customer testimonials, stories, and audience insights that can then be injected into your website copy to ensure it resonates with the clients you want to attract.
      4. Evaluating Competition – Analyze key competitors’ websites, social media, and marketing materials. Identify their messaging, style, strengths, and weaknesses. With this evaluation, you will have the information you need to develop a copywriting strategy that will position your clients as distinctive and valuable to the interior design industry.
      5. Architecture of Content – Provide an outline for the copy. Helpful for web designers because there’s alignment and clarity as to what goes on every page before any word of text is written.
      6. Language in Launch – This is when writing begins, which is the last step in the process.

      17:34 – Other services Masha offer

      • Assets beyond websites – Lead magnets, email sequences, nurture sequences, welcome sequences, and blogs.
      • Personalized touchpoints on onboarding materials – Welcome guides to set the tone for the designer-client relationship.PRO TIP: Onboarding documents could enhance the client experience and reinforce the initial message conveyed through the website. That’s why she believes injecting personality into documents like contracts is valuable.

      20:44 – Why copywriters are still essential even with AI like ChatGPT coming into play

      • ChatGPT is a handy tool for writing but not a replacement for a writer.
      • You have to be clear in your instructions to get the best results, because garbage in, garbage out.
      • You can use it for research and creative ideas, like simulating focus groups and crafting social media posts, as well as subject lines, headlines, and inspiration. However, even though it’s a smarter Google, its data only goes up to 2021.

      26:37 – 5 Steps to DIY Your Website Copy

      1. Understand your audience – Begin by truly knowing your client’s pain points and aspirations. Conduct interviews or discussions with past clients to gather insights. This is your foundation.
      2. Craft your unique selling proposition – At the top of your homepage, clearly state who you are, what you do, and the unique value you provide. This should instantly grab your ideal client’s attention and let them know they’re in the right place.
      3. Incorporate social proof – Follow your value proposition with social proof that signals trust. Feature customer testimonials or mentions in reputable interior design publications. Scatter these across your site to build credibility.
      4. Highlight your expertise – Dedicate a section to showcase your expertise and experiences. Keep it concise, as your homepage is a gateway to other pages. Make visitors want to explore further.
      5. Guide your visitors – As the host of your “online party,” guide visitors on what to explore next. Lead them to your portfolio, services, and other relevant pages. Provide just enough enticing information for them to take the next step.
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