Which Interior Designer Path Should You Take? Answer My 6-Question Quiz to Find It Out

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Hey, curious creatives! I’ve got something exciting to share with you all. I created a fun quiz to help you find out what type of interior designer you should be. It’s quick and easy, with just six simple questions, and you’ll gain valuable insights into your personal style, design preferences, and the type of environments that fuel your creative fire. The quiz will ultimately lead you to your design niche.

I’ve also discussed the four conclusions or result answers – Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, or Spatial Experience Design, shedding light on the different roles, approaches, and challenges each one presents.

Interior Design is so diverse, but there’s something for everyone in this creative field! And if you’re multi-faceted like me, try the quiz a few times and see how your answers lead to different outcomes.

So, whether you’ve just discovered your passion for interior design or are looking to refine your skills and explore new horizons, tune in, take the quiz, and let me help you on your journey to becoming an interior design pro!

Lastly, share your quiz results with me on Instagram at @rwarddesign. I can’t wait to see what kind of Interior Design you should be doing! Let’s stay creative and enjoy the remaining interviews in our summer series together!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover the 4 conclusions/results I reached for this quiz & analyze each role and type
  • Determine what kind of interior design suits your unique strengths and interests
  • Learn about spatial experience design and its connection to retail, museums, and set/production design
    Check out these episode highlights

    01:44 – Conclusion #1: Residential Interior Design

    Roles of Residential Interior Designers

    • Create harmonious and functional living environments that reflect clients’ personalities and meet their needs and desires.

    • Aim to optimize the use of space, enhance the visual appeal, and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere within the home.

    Types of Residential Interior Design

    • Kitchen and Bath

    • Decorating

    • Remodels

    • New Builds

    What to expect from being a Residential Interior Designer

    • You’ll work one-on-one with the clients.

    • You’ll manage the personalities of all the decision-makers on the project and sometimes be a marriage counselor or project manager because you handle anything that needs to happen to get the project going.

    • It’s very hands-on that you love working with textures, colors, and creativity.

    • The sky’s the limit regarding new resources and materials that you could use within the home because of fewer restrictions because it’s not a code-based environment.  

    04:05 – Conclusion #2: Commercial Interior Design

    Roles of Commercial Interior Designers

    • Comply with codes and restrictions.

    • Prioritize the space’s health, welfare, and safety, which also involves space planning.

    Types of Commercial Interior Design

    • Corporate Design – offices, businesses (both workspaces and public spaces)

    • Health Care – hospitals, medical offices, cosmetic offices, and any healthcare-related offices where the public is coming.

    • Education – schools & universities

    DISCLAIMER: I could be wrong, so I’d love for someone to come on the podcast and talk to us a little more about these areas.

    06:25 – Conclusion #3: Hospitality Interior Design 

    Roles of Hospitality Interior Designers

    • Create a memorable and enjoyable experience for the guests by designing spaces that are visually captivating, functional, and reflective of the establishments’ brand identity and target audience.

    • Strive to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and the unique requirements of the hospitality industry.

    Types of Hospitality Interior Design

    • Restaurants, bars, cafes

    • Spas, resorts, boutique hotels, and Airbnb

    08:02 – Conclusion #4: Spatial Experience Interior Design

    Role of Spatial Experience Interior Designers

    • Understand how the public interacts with spaces for display, where they go and enjoy the experience of the space.

    Types of Spatial Experience Interior Design

    • Retail

    • Museum

    • Exhibitions Sets

    • Production Design

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