What’s Your Design Style: Exploring 12 Interior Design Styles

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Are you struggling to figure out what design style suits you best?  

Well, I have the solution you have been searching for! 

In this episode, I introduce my design style quiz, a tool designed to help you uncover your unique design identity. Whether you are a seasoned designer, a design enthusiast, or someone simply curious about interior design, this quiz is your gateway to understanding your personal style preferences. By answering just 14 questions, you will unlock valuable insights into design preferences and gain access to tailored recommendations. 

I also explore the 12 distinct design styles, from traditional to glam. If you want to get familiar with all the different styles, regardless of where you are in your design story, this episode is for you.

What are you waiting for? Take the quiz now, discover your design style, and let your creativity soar! Don’t forget to share your results with me on Instagram.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover your unique style and transform your space 
  • Understand the 12 distinct design styles so you can assist your clients in making informed decisions about their design preferences
  • Gain access to exclusive Pinterest boards tailored to each style
      Check out these episode highlights

      02:13 – The style quiz Rebecca and her team created to help their clients identify their design style which is now available online for anyone

      04:40 – How Rebecca takes their clients through these design styles

      06:53 – The 12 design styles that help clients identify their preferences and create a personalized design

      1. Traditional
      2. Cottage
      3. Transitional
      4. Zen
      5. Scandinavian
      6. Industrial
      7. Spanish
      8. Country
      9. Bohemian
      10. Mid-century
      11. Modern
      12. Contemporary

      08:01 – The 12 Design Styles and Their Characteristic

      Traditional Style comes from European classical influence.

      • A lot of scrolling on the woodwork
      • A lot of ornate detail
      • More formal

      Cottage Style is more of the seaside, easy, breezy look.

      • A lot of natural fibers
      • Light and airy spaces
      • Blue accent tones
      • Coastal vibes

      Transitional Style is a mix between contemporary, which is super clean & and streamlined, and traditional.

      • Most people fall into this category.
      • It’s a comfortable place – not too stark, not too cold, not too formal.
      • It has a certain level of sophistication that people seem to appreciate and are drawn to.

      Zen Style has Eastern Asian type of influences.

      • A lot of Japanese-style furniture – low to the ground, very simple, natural fibers
      • Natural pebbles and water features

      Scandinavian Style is the stripped-down version of IKEA.

      • A lot of white furniture
      • A lot of blonde wood furniture – not too much color, very light and airy, but also very simple
      • A minimalist

      Industrial Style

      • A lot of rustic elements – metals, raw materials, concrete, corrugated metals, copper, divots and mechanics
      • Plumbing can be exposed
      • Exposed wires and ceilings
      • A little bit of loft living
      • A lot of men are attracted to this kind of rustic feature

      Spanish Style is a Santa Barbara look, one of the top four answers on our quiz.

      • With Mediterranean and Tuscan influences
      • Buildings have white walls with Spanish tiles and intricate rugs
      • The decor is black iron and clean, giving it a more modern California feel

      Country Style is a combination of a farmhouse, shabby chic, and Americana

      • Shabby chic – a more rustic and nostalgic feel to it
      • Americana – a lot more lace and a little more traditional vibes; less common in California but might see it more often on the East Coast

      Bohemian Style is a very curated cultured look with lots of green plants

      • Loft living
      • A multitude of cultural influences from India, Asia, and Africa converge
      • The artwork, textures, and rugs are layered to create a visually rich and complex aesthetic
      • A maximalist look

      Mid-century Modern Style draws inspiration from the 1950s and 60s.

      • tapered legs
      • walnut furnishings
      • tailored looking upholstery
      • geometric art, as well as gold and brass fixtures

      Contemporary Style is one of our top choices as well. People often use the terms ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ interchangeably.

      • Clean lines, with a preference for glass and steel
      • Resembles the work of architects from the 1920s, including Mies van der Rohe.
      • Sleek and sophisticated designs with monochromatic tones, such as blacks, grays, and darker colors mixed with whites
      • Simple and minimalist

      Glam Style is fun and allows you to explore historic styles such as Art Deco.

      • Mixed metals, crystals, and other shiny, sparkly, and loud materials
      • Include a lot of free and fuzzy textures, like velvet, faux furs, and tufted sofas
      • Hollywood Regency is an example of a glam style.
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