Want to Elevate Your Interior Design Business? The Power of Coaching for Success

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Have you ever felt hesitant to ask for help? You’re not alone; I used to hesitate to ask for help too. But I realized that there is power in asking for help.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to no longer worry about having all the answers or wondering if asking for advice will be viewed negatively. You can eliminate these doubts and worries with the help of a coach, who can give you tailored advice based on expertise and past success from other clients. As a result, there will be more interesting conversations that can lead to more effective solutions than if done alone.  

Coaching is an effective way to gain insight and guidance on personal and professional goals. You can unlock your potential by exploring yourself deeper. When you work with a coach, you will be challenged in your thinking, pushed to take actionable steps toward reaching success, and provided with an encouraging support system. 

Take advantage of today’s episode about the power of coaching and access both the programs I am part of, as well as my own programs, to start unlocking your potential today!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Identify the value and power of coaching
  • Learn from my experiences with different coaching programs  
  • Examine the misconceptions about life coaching and discover what they help you with
    Check out these episode highlights

    02:13 – The #1 reason why people don’t ask for help

    How to get comfortable with asking for help in 3 easy ways

    1. Remember that you can’t know everything
    2. Look at it as an opportunity to learn from an expert
    3. Offer others help

    03:35 – The benefits of online courses and coaching

    Different Ways Coaching Helped My Interior Design Career & Business

    06:40 – PROGRAM #1: Business of Design with Kimberly Seldon

    • It helped me increase my rates.
    • It helped me set up my processes and procedures.
    • It introduced me to podcasts.
    • It introduced me to other designers with similar problems and I gained more insights from them.

    08:27 – PROGRAM #2: DesignYou with Tobi Fairley

    • It showed me how designers need to use a scalable model.
    • It prepared me to create a course that helped me market to more people.

    10:00 – My online courses available for you to try out

    COURSE #1: Home Design Coach

    This is for DIY consumers who want to design their rooms like a pro. This is for people who have the talent but don’t have the budget to hire a designer.

    Through this course, you will learn the skills needed to get your house to look like a designer came through, but you actually did it. It’s a learnable skill that you can transfer to your next house.

    COURSE #2: Shifting Spaces Course

    This is for DIY consumers who have shifting circumstances in their life that might cause their homes to need to change.

    Through this course, you will understand what you want out of your home before you even meet a designer or a realtor to buy a new house. This will help you list what you want out of your home and evaluate whether you are getting the most out of it or need to remodel or move.

    COURSE #3: My Design Mentor

    This is for students or potential designers interested in getting into the interior design industry.

    Through this course, you will get answers to questions, as well as resources to help discover if interior design is the right career for you

    12:13 – How Tobi Fairley’s DesignYou Program changed my mindset and business direction

    12:48 – Misconceptions about life coaching versus what they help you with

    • Life coaches do not tell their coachees what to do in their life.
    • Life coaches ask hard questions that help identify the mindsets that are holding them back, so they can recognize and replace them with positive ones that will help move them toward success instead of hindering them.

    14:36 – The Podcast Launch Program that I took that helped launch the Design Curious Podcast

    14:58 – The value of being coached

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