The Secret of Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Design With Anna Popov

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Function plays a critical role in the creative field, where aesthetics should complement comfort and usability. Understanding your client’s needs and habits to create spaces that support their purpose and lifestyles will set you apart and earn you acclaim and success.

No one knows this better than today’s guest, Anna Popov, who is not easily influenced by the crowd or by trends but instead prioritizes creating functional spaces that resonate with the occupants.

She is just a wealth of knowledge, someone I greatly admire.

Whether you are an aspiring designer or you’ve been running your design firm for a few years already, you are going to learn from Anna the secret behind designing spaces that not only look beautiful but also serve their purpose flawlessly. 

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover a unique and organic approach to design that prioritizes functionality
  • Learn the importance of maintaining high standards in design, the value of accountability, and the need to create spaces that support and elevate the well-being of the occupants
  • Recognize the importance of both aesthetics and function when designing spaces for your clients
    About the Guest:

    Anna Popov, the founder and creative force behind Interiors by Popov is a true original. Having resided and worked in some of the most diverse and design-centric global cities, she is guided by quintessential European practices of design and craftsmanship to create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and tailored to the precise needs of her client’s lifestyles.

    Recognized as one of the leading designers in Seattle by Architectural Digest, Anna brings her extraordinary visual vocabulary, point of view, and technical savoir-faire to her work. She is passionate about sharing her deep knowledge and rarefied aesthetic to craft transformational spatial experiences.

    Prior to founding Interiors by Popov in 2016, Anna led numerous high-profile high-rise, institutional and commercial projects for a prominent casework manufacturer, and worked as a lead designer for a bespoke artisanal collective in Toronto. Through the experience of being immersed in every element of the process from concept to completion, Anna has gained a holistic understanding of design—a skill that has proven essential to the success of her practice.

    Anna Popov received a degree in business and marketing from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, and a subsequent degree in interior architecture and building systems from RCC Institute of Technology in Toronto.

    Connect with Anna Popov:

    Website: Interiors by Popov
    Instagram:  @interiorsbypopov

      Check out these episode highlights

      04:16 – Anna’s interest in interior design was sparked by realizing the physical environment’s profound impact on well-being

      06:48 – Three key factors that contribute to the design industry

      1. Technical portion
      2. Creative outlet
      3. Crazy, fast-paced decision-making

      07:23 – The importance of prioritizing function in creative work, prioritizing comfort and practicality over aesthetics

      09:00 – Anna and her team’s design process: look at the house – a structure – as a support system

      11:07 – How they gather information from clients during the intake process, including creating a mood board or pin board with images and explanations

      12:46 – The importance of understanding clients’ habits, needs, and requirements to design a space that meets their needs

      14:00 – Anna’s career path before starting her own design firm

      15:57 – The ONE QUESTION she asked herself that made her decide to start her own business after 12 years of intense corporate work

      18:14 – Her team and their work were featured in Architectural Digest

      19:22 – How Anna prioritizes mental health and flexibility in her design firm, ensuring employees can balance work and family responsibilities

      20:53 – The importance of rest and self-care in the creative field, citing the impact of exhaustion on work quality and client satisfaction

      21:49 – Her biggest advice to aspiring designers: hold yourself accountable to high standards of design and execution with the support of a community of designers

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