The Proven Marketing Methodology to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Design Services With Kate the Socialite

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The most-asked question of someone new to running a design business is, “How can I attract my ideal client?” or “What is the most effective approach to attract a consistent stream of new clients?”

If you don’t want to miss the answers to these questions and more, tune in to today’s episode.

My special guest, Kate the Socialite, a renowned marketing expert in the home industry, shares her marketing methodology that not only transformed her own business but has become a guiding principle for her clients.

Her advice on identifying the ideal client and crafting a marketing message is a game-changer too.

No matter where you are in your business, this episode will guide you toward creating a strategic marketing plan that resonates with your ideal client.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover the methodology that makes marketing simple, efficient, and easily repeatable
  • Learn practical steps to improve your marketing strategies and enhance your design business
  • Reframe your mindset on the most important thing business owner should focus on to grow a successful design business
    About the Guest:

    Kate is the founder of The Socialite Agency, a marketing firm specializing in helping professionals in the home industry. She hosts The Kate Show podcast, a marketing-focused podcast that is ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts globally. 

    In 2021, Kate was named 20 under 40 by Window Vision Magazine. And in 2023, Kate was listed as one of the top 500 global entrepreneurs by Brainz magazine.

    Socialite is a marketing agency that works exclusively with home stagers, interior designers, work rooms, and professional organizers. Clients worldwide use the social agency to set up simple effective sales funnels that repeatedly bring them more of the right clients without spending hours on their marketing each month.

    Connect with Kate the Socialite:


        Check out these episode highlights

        02:57 – How Kate started her agency and why she niche into the home industry

        05:06 – The marketing methodology she uses in her business and for her clients

        • It has to be simple.
        • It has to be efficient.
        • It has to be easily repeatable.

        06:09 – The importance of niching down as an interior designer, citing it as a way to make marketing easier and more effective

        09:17 – Why she started her podcast, The Kate Show

        To this day, her podcast remains one of the biggest sources of clients and revenue for her business. 

        10:39 – The best advice she received that helped develop her business

        • Make your systems repeatable.
        • Always go back to, “Is this a good fit for my ideal client?”
        • Say things simply and concisely. Don’t get fancy and creative.

        12:09 – Why business owners need to keep the messaging consistent

        13:35 – The first common mistake interior designers or home industry people make is to treat marketing as the most important thing in business

        “What is more important is knowing how to manage your money.” 

        15:15 – Advertising versus Marketing

        16:00 – Kate’s offers are focused on:

        • Helping designers build relationships with clients without relying solely on advertising
        • Helping interior designers increase their perceived value and build confidence through marketing tactics that have proven to work
        • Eliminating fluff and complicated parts of marketing to help designers get in front of their ideal client and understand their message

        Kate’s services are:

        • Ongoing Blogging + Email Marketing
        • Website Design
        • Pinterest Management

        18:40 – What it looks like working with Kate and her team

        • Personalized strategy sessions: identifying your ideal client and crafting a marketing message
        • Ongoing marketing consultation ensuring that your marketing stays on track and gets done
        • Six (6) months minimum commitment

        20:58 – The Socialite team and how Kate manages them

        23:43 – The challenges of balancing work and family as a working mom

        25:58 – Kate’s biggest advice:

        • For moms who want to be an interior designer: take yourself seriously before you can expect anybody else to
        • For new designers: invest in their professionalism, as it can lead to success sooner rather than later

        28:37 – The MOST IMPORTANT THING business owner should focus on to grow a successful business

        • Understanding the business side of interior design, including financial planning, taxes, and systems management

         “First and foremost, be a business owner. Business acumen is more important than design talent.” 

        31:25 – Biggest advice to aspiring designers

        • Get clear on what type of services you would like to offer.
        • Showcase on your website the kind of work/project you want more of.
        • Keep your marketing simple.
        • Keep your message clear.
        • Understand that everything does take time.
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