The Power of Intention: How to Set and Achieve your Goals for 2024 With Sierra Collins

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It is at this time of the year when many of us think about setting goals for 2024. There is much excitement and hope in the air.

But for those who struggle with maintaining focus or feel overwhelmed by the prospect of setting and achieving goals, this must be a challenging time.

In this episode, I sit down with Sierra Collins, a Full-Focus Planner coach I’ve worked with for several years. She shares her transformative journey from education to leadership coaching, revealing powerful insights on intentional goal-setting and growth mindset. She introduces the Full-Focus Planner, a tool that not only enhances productivity but fosters personal growth.

I also share my experiences using the planner to schedule personal and business tasks, including weekends. It is a game-changing tool that cuts through distractions and conquers my goals with purpose.

So if you want to enjoy the process of goal setting, break free from unmet goals, and make 2024 your year of unstoppable achievement, this episode is a must-listen.

Don’t let another year pass without realizing your full potential. Tune in, embrace intentionality, unlock your potential, and step into a future of purposeful success!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Equip yourself with the tools needed to set meaningful goals in 2024 and achieve them with intentionality

  • Learn how to break down big goals into small & manageable steps and maintain focus throughout the year

  • Discover Sierra’s secret to overcoming health challenges and transitioning into a fulfilling career

    About the Guest:

    Sierra Collins, a highly regarded leadership development coach, speaker, and trainer, leverages her extensive educational background and leadership expertise to guide individuals and organizations in reaching their highest aspirations.

    As a founder of Sierra Learnership Collaborative, her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and passion for enhancing leaders’ effectiveness have cemented her as an influential figure in her field.

    Sierra is a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, a full-focus planner certified pro, and a certified disc consultant. Backed by over a decade of experience in education and a master’s degree in the field, she possesses a unique ability to simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to a broad audience.

    Sierra’s collaborative approach empowers her clients to set ambitious goals and transform them into concrete achievements. She is recognized for her dedication to helping individuals, teams, and entire organizations realize their full potential. Though she says her business grows people it is not industry-specific. Over half of her active clients today are luxury interior design firms from all over the world.

    Connect with Sierra Collins:

    Website: Sierra Learnership Collaborative
    Facebook: Sierra Learnership Collaborative

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:20 – Sierra’s journey from education to business leadership development, citing health complications that led her to switch gears and launch her own business

      05:52 – How she intentionally structured her day and established clear goals for her business, balancing networking and self-care to achieve success

      07:51 – Goal Driven versus Growth Driven

      • Not just being obsessed with the goal but also thinking about the growth 
      • How long will it take to get there versus how far can I go? 

      09:06 – Why breaking down big goals into smaller steps is crucial for progress, even when initially motivated by necessity

      “Entrepreneurship is a personal growth journey.”

      10:18 – The importance of having a support system, coaching/mentorship, and networking in building your business

      11:59 – The use of DISC Assessment to give clarity on personal and business values

      12:37 – The advantages of using Full-Focus Planner, a physical planner

      • Give you clarity on personal and business values.
      • Help you set and achieve goals in all areas of life, including spirituality, physical health, business, and personal growth.
      • Help you maintain intentionality and accountability by allowing you to reflect on progress and make adjustments as needed.

      17:33 – Why Rebecca loves the Full-focus planner and her experience using it

      19:30 – The importance of identifying core values, priorities, and purpose before setting goals to ensure meaningful progress and motivation

      21:13 – The value of understanding motivation and tracking progress to achieve goals, including revisiting old entries in the planner

      23:58 – Rebecca recommends seeking accountability through an accountability partner or workshop to effectively implement the planner

      27:10 – Sierra’s Aspire to Achieve: an accountability package for those using the Full Focus Planner, with three tiers of support: self-guided, group accountability, and one-on-one coaching

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