The Design Process That Brings Meaningful Experiences for Your Clients With Marosi White

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Are you curious about the behind-the-scenes of design projects? How does a design expert approach a new project from concept to completion? How does an interior designer juggle creativity with business savvy?

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marosi White, founder and principal designer of Accent Design & Interiors based in Sacramento. She takes us on a journey through her inspiring career trajectory, from her origins in Malawi to her transition into interior design after a degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems. 

But the real gem of this episode is her insight into the design process. She walks us through her fluid yet structured design process, from initial meetings to contract negotiations, design development, and client collaboration.

She also addresses project challenges, the value of personal client communication, and maintaining a positive outlook during difficult project phases. 

If you are as intrigued as I am, tune in so you won’t miss out on valuable tips to make your design journey smooth and successful.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn how Rosi’s approach balances client involvement with professional guidance, ensuring a successful and engaging design journey
  • Get invaluable tips for navigating your design projects with ease
  • Understand the importance of keeping clients in the loop, especially when the wheels of progress seem to slow
    About the Guest:

    Marosi White is the founder and principal designer of Accent Design & Interiors, a full-service interior design studio based in Sacramento.

    She is a native of the beautiful country of Malawi and moved to the United States as a teen to attend university. While practicing interior design was always a passion, her career in the field of interior design did not begin till 10 years after graduating from University with a degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems. She returned to school to get her degree in interior design and began to pave wave into the field through teaching at the Art Institute of California.

    After eight years of teaching, she established her full-service design studio and enjoys working with a diverse clientele. She has experience working on residential, commercial, restaurant and hospitality, Senior Living office, and retail projects. She holds a true appreciation for the value of feeling supported through major changes. Her philosophy for design is rooted in community, rich cultural inspiration, and functional solutions that enhance connection and inspire joy.

    Connect with Marosi White:
    Website: Accent Design & Interior 
    Instagram: @accentdsgn

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:18 – Rosi’s unique path into interior design, her experience teaching, and the challenges she faced in pursuing a creative career

      04:39 – Her decision to study interior design and the factors that led her to pursue a career in the field

      07:14 – Her experience teaching interior design and the mix of students entering the program, including those pursuing a second career in design

      09:35 – Her biggest advice for aspiring interior designers: pursue an academic education first for a solid foundation in the field

      11:11 – She transitioned from teaching to full-time interior design practice after 8 years, establishing her company Accent Design & Interiors

      12:13 – How she decides if a project is a good fit for her company and the factors she considers in the initial onboarding process with clients

      • Good rapport 

      • Upfront communication seems to be a little easy and flows well

      • Excitement about the project and what the scope looks like

      • Reasonable timeline

      • Overall investment from the client

      13:35 – Her approach to design and her preference for keeping her design aesthetic open and diverse

      15:46 – Her design process and client involvement

      • Initial Programming Meeting – going to the client site; a step-by-step walkthrough of the client’s spaces)

      • Contract Negotiation – connecting the scope to the client’s budget and what it takes to retain the services or to assist in the project

      • Design Development – get the drawings done, get the site measured, create those as build drawings, and start to pull everything together

      • Client Collaboration

      18:36 – The frequency and structure of client meetings, collaboration in the design process, and the provision of project management services

      22:20 – The timeline for completing the design phase of a project and the factors that influence the duration of the design process

      25:33 – Importance of clear communication and client satisfaction during project challenges

      31:28 – Empathizing with clients by acknowledging their struggles during a remodel, offering a positive outcome, and validating their emotions

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