The CEO Mindset: How It Drives Success in Your Interior Design Business

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What does it take to be the CEO of your own interior design business?

In this episode, I explore what the CEO mindset entails, why it matters, and how it can drive your interior design business to new heights.

I also share what it is like to be one – and it’s way more than doing design work and establishing processes, procedures, and structure. There are other traits a business owner must possess to grow a business and lead effectively. 

As a designer, I encourage you to adopt a CEO mindset and be accountable for your business. Because to achieve success, a plan, goals, and processes must be implemented.

This week’s episode allows you to embrace the CEO mindset and implement strategies to help you build a successful business. These skills will help you be a better leader, delegate tasks effectively, and trust your team to ensure a positive work environment.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Define what a CEO is and discover why you need a CEO Mindset
  • Identify the different ways you can delegate in your business
  • Learn about the 4 CEO Mindset Tips you can use to succeed in your interior design business
Check out these episode highlights

02:08 – What CEO stands for, and why you need to have a CEO Mindset

03:40 – Why running a business is challenging for most interior designers

04:38 – 4 CEO Mindset yips you can use to succeed in your interior design business

Tip #1: You are a leader whether you have employees or not

Tip #2: You are a leader who cares for your team

Tip #3: You are a leader who must learn how to let go and delegate

Tip #4: You are a leader who speaks to the public and your clients in the plural form

09:41 – The importance of having to speak to the public and to your clients in a plural form even if you are a solopreneur

12:22 – 3 benefits of signing up for My Design Mentor Membership Program

BENEFIT #1: Access to monthly coaching calls

BENEFIT #2: Download the 12 Topic Career Guides

BENEFIT #3: Purchase the Business Starter Kit

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