The 3 Must-Haves in Running a Profitable Interior Design Business With Laura Thornton

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Are you struggling with running your interior design business successfully?

Imagine having the confidence to handle any project and know exactly what steps to take.

Today, I’m chatting with Laura Thornton, a renowned interior designer & podcast host, on the three fundamental pillars (and I say, a must-have!) that propelled her to run and elevate her Interior Design business. Tune in to hear her advice and tips for becoming confident, consistent, and profitable in every project you undertake. 

She is also giving away a free Welcome Guide template. Be sure to grab it to kickstart your marketing efforts and set yourself apart from your competitors.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of insights!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover the three fundamental pillars (a must-have) to thrive in the interior design industry
  • Learn how to infuse confidence, consistency, and profitability into every project
  • Use the Welcome Guide template to get your marketing efforts off to a great start
    About the Guest:

    Laura Thornton is the Founder and Creative Director of Thornton Design. Since founding the company in 1999, Laura has been committed to creating a new kind of interior design experience for her clients.

    Drawing from her expansive experience in creative captivating interiors and managing a thriving design business, she’s now opening the floodgates to knowledge for fellow interior designers via her insightful podcast called The Business of Beautiful Spaces.

    Driven by Laura’s fervent passion to educate and inspire, her podcast is more than just a sharing platform. It’s a catalyst for growth and success in the design industry, hoping to embolden her fellow designers aiding them in their quest to increase confidence and accelerate success. Her podcast therefore serves as a treasure trove of insights curated to help burgeoning designers thrive in their respective businesses. It’s about making the journey of design less daunting and more rewarding.

    Connect with Laura Thornton:

    Website: Thornton Design
    Instagram: @thorntondesign 
    Podcast: The Business of Beautiful Spaces

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:10 – Laura’s family background which influenced her decision to pursue interior design

      05:12 – How she went into business leveraging her experience and knowledge of the construction process and its inconveniences

      06:08 – Commercial vs. Residential: the differences in complexity and time requirements

      07:35 – Why she started her podcast The Business of Beautiful Spaces

      08:40 – The 3 pillars that helped her overcome challenges in running her Interior Design business

      1. A contract from day one to protect her
      2. A streamlined process of what it is like to work with her and sticking to it every time
      3. Knowing her worth and charging appropriately to run a profitable business

      11:18 – The challenges of working internationally, including difficulty running construction sites and sourcing materials in other countries

      13:29 – The importance of a welcome guide for potential clients

      • The first impression and potentially your last impression
      • Sets you apart from the competition
      • Provides a professional introduction to clients
      • Proves that you have a process and you are a seasoned designer

      Get Laura’s Free “Welcome Guide” Template here

      16:39 – The essential components of a welcome guide

      • Introduction about who you are and your business
      • Members of your team with their headshots
      • Your process
      • Pricing (as it fits you)
      • Other offers/services
      • Photos of your work (portfolio)

      17:54 – Topics included in her podcast  The Business of Beautiful Spaces

      21:16 – How she got savvy with her processes and procedures in her Interior Design business

      • through courses from coaches & experts
      • through reading a lot of books
      • through trial and error to see what works
      • through social media and podcasts

      23:48 – Laura’s advice for aspiring designers

      • Go to school. Research different schools and focus on their specialization.
      • Have a contract from day one.
      • Have a solid process and maintain consistency.
      • Know your worth and charge appropriately for your expertise and time.

       25:21 – The most common question she gets asked for – PRICING (how designers charge) – and the need for a masterclass on it 

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