Pro Tips on Getting Your Interior Design Projects Published

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Imagine the thrill of having your interior design project featured on the cover of a magazine, capturing the attention of potential clients, and elevating your professional standing. 

But how do you make this dream a reality?

In today’s episode, I share tips on getting your interior design projects published. I also guide you to overcome potential hurdles, such as the need for reshooting by larger publications and offer you valuable insights from a magazine editor’s perspective.

If you are an interior designer dreaming of seeing your projects on the pages of a magazine, to boost your brand, increase awareness, and elevate your authority, this episode is for you.

Tune in now and transform your designs into captivating stories that captivate editors and readers alike! 

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Learn the essential steps and insider tips to transform your interior design projects into magazine-worthy features

  • Uncover the nuances of pitching your projects to different publications, from local and regional to national giants like Architectural Digest

  • Find out why having an editorially-minded photographer can be a game-changer

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    “I am an experienced designer and I am learning lots from Rebecca’s podcast! She has great guests with valuable information for new designers but designers like myself are benefitting too. I highly recommend!” – InteriorJen

    Check out these episode highlights

    02:25 – Steps to get your interior design project published in a design magazine

    • Research local and regional publications to submit your work.
    • Have your interior design project professionally photographed. Work with a photographer who has an editorial eye for professional, vertically-oriented photos.

    05:15 – Tips to pitch your design project to a magazine with success

    • Pitch to one publication at a time.
    • Be patient. National publications want exclusivity for a project and may take time to respond.
    • Remind the publication of your project after a month or couple of weeks if you have not heard anything.
    • Be prepared to withdraw your publication if they don’t respond.

    07:28 – What your pitch should be

    • A well-thought-out and detailed description

    • With a focus on the project’s unique aspects and how it will appeal to readers

    • With a compelling story – unique and interesting

    • Short and sweet but catches the eye of the editors

    • With one image at the very top or the end

    • Links to your portfolio

    08:48 – Pitching to local magazines and building a portfolio

    10:36 – The benefits and limitations of getting published as an interior designer

    • Industry credibility

    • Credibility with your clients 

    • Bragging rights once you put it on your website

    • Cross-traffic to your website because of the backlinks

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