My Design Mentor: Career & Business Mentorship for Aspiring Interior Designers

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Looking for mentorship to help you launch your interior design career or start your design business?

Look no further!

In today’s episode, I am giving you an inside look at My Design Mentor program, a 12-module mentorship program that will guide you from being a non-designer to a successful designer.

The My Design Mentor program covers topics like employee vs. entrepreneur decisions, managing finances and mindset, honing practical design skills, understanding client psychology, dealing with professional ethics, working with trades, specializing in niches, perfecting kitchen and bath design, specifying custom details, and mastering essential business practices.

It offers more than just content; it also provides a supportive community where you can seek guidance and connect with peers.

If you are an aspiring designer, fresh to the field, or looking to switch paths, don’t miss out on this episode that opens the door to an enriching mentorship program and the potential to kickstart a rewarding career in interior design.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Explore the My Design Mentor program and gain an understanding of its 12-module mentorship
  • Learn the benefits of joining the My Design Mentor program
  • Assess whether the 12-module mentorship can help you move forward in your design career and business
    Check out these episode highlights

    01:44 – What to expect if you join the My Design Mentor

    • a community hosted in Mighty Network
    • a 12-module mentorship program broken into four sections

    The 12-Module Mentorship Program

    03:01 – First Section – Go For It

    Module 1: Employee versus Entrepreneurs

    Help you to decide which direction you should go: to work for someone else or start your design business

    Module 2: Money and Mindset Management

    Module 3: Practical Skills

    Ways to develop your skills before landing your first job:

    • How to measure a space
    • How to develop a floor plan
    • How to put together a design

    05:32 – Second Section – On The Job

    Module 4: Design Psychology and Counseling Clients

    • How to navigate client personalities, wish lists, budgets
    • How to design to improve client’s lives

    Module 5: Problem-Solving and Professional Ethics

    • How to handle problems as they come up

    Module 6: Working With Trades

    • How to give trade information
    • How to communicate with contractors, subcontractors, vendors, reps
    • How to deal with typical job site scenarios

    07:04 – Third Section – Specializing

    Module 7: Niches and Why It Works

    • Finding your ideal client
    • How to speak to your ideal client with authenticity

    Module 8: Kitchen and Bath Design

    • The basics of kitchen and bath design
    • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

    Module 9: Customization

    • How to specify custom case goods upholstery, window coverings, etc
    • How to create unique custom details for your client, adding your signature on

    08:45 – Fourth Section – Practicing Business

    Module 10: Design Business Practices

    • How to start your design business
    • How to run your processes and procedures

    Module 11: Sales and Marketing

    • The psychology of how sales work
    • How marketing can be so beneficial for your business
    • Templates and layouts with tips and tricks

    Module 12: Professional Development

    About having a growth mindset

    • The organizations you might want to join to take you to the next level of your career

    11:08 -Exclusive features of the My Design Mentor

    • A book club (a recommended reading list) for design students
    • Twice-a-year portfolio and resume review to help you align your materials with what a designer-employer would be looking for in a prospective hire
    • Business starter kit

    12:46 – The business starter kit within the platform includes:

    • Checklists on how to get your business started
    • Procedures and details on how to run a business


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