Inside High Point by Design: A Year-Round Haven for Creativity and Collaboration With Jane Dagmi

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Exciting news for the design industry! High Point by Design is revolutionizing the way interior designers experience High Point. 

In today’s episode, I share my captivating conversation with Jane Dagmi, the managing director of High Point by Design (HPXD). She shares her journey into the design industry, from her early days at Country Living magazine to her role at High Point by Design. She discusses the mission of HPXD and how it supports High Point as a year-round design destination. Jane also highlights the benefits of visiting High Point off-season, the opportunities for students and design enthusiasts, and the exciting events and initiatives planned for the future.

Jane also unveils plans for HPXD, including exclusive events like the Vacation Rental Design Summit and initiatives to promote inclusivity in design, such as exploring the correlation between design and autism. With HPXD, designers gain access to a supportive community, tailored experiences, and invaluable resources to fuel their passion for design.

If you are a designer looking for inspiration and resources to improve your craft, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover how High Point by Design, a nonprofit organization is revolutionizing the design industry 
  • Explore the diverse offerings of High Point by Design, from its curated showrooms to its innovative events like the Vacation Rental Design Summit
  • Get a sneak peek into HPXD’s plans, including initiatives to promote inclusivity in design and special events that cater to diverse interests within the design community
    About the Guest:

    Jane Dagmi is the managing director for High Point by Design, a nonprofit organization that champions High Point as a year-round destination for design and creativity by uniting and promoting the city’s rich creative and manufacturing ecosystem. 

    A storyteller, educator, and design enthusiast, Jane was a career journalist and magazine editor before taking on this role in 2022. Her most recent editorial role was as Editor-in-Chief of Designers Today magazine. Beginning there in 2018, she revitalized the struggling publication. She gave it a fresh spin and built a design community around it. Her first foray into magazines was at Country Living magazine in the 90s, and it was there that she attended her first High Point market. After making more than 20 subsequent trips as a visitor, she relocated there with her partner in 2019 and enjoys being part of the city’s changing landscape. 

    Connect with Jane Dagmi:

    Website: High Point by Design
    Instagram: @highpointxdesign

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:09 – Jane’s career in interior design started with Country Living Magazine, where she helped design rooms around photo shoots and ordered product

      05:18 – The Origin of High Point by Design

      07:13 – The High Point by Design program and its benefits for designers

      • Open to working with non-member showrooms and fabricators for designers who want to see more options.
      • Acts as a designer concierge by recommending non-member showrooms to designers who have a specific wish list or request.
      • Positioned as a “Center for Design Tourism” in the US, it offers educational tours for students and design enthusiasts.
      • Provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the industry in a more personalized and relaxed environment.
      • It aims to expand its membership and strengthen its offerings in areas such as lighting and other design disciplines.

      12:44 – Design events and inclusivity of High Point by Design

      • Vacation Rental Design Summit – the signature event that will be held in spring at High Point Market to inspire designers to create better guest experiences in vacation rentals
      • An event that will showcase the correlation between design and autism, as High Point is a certified autism destination

      16:15 – How set designers can benefit from visiting High Point off-market

      18:44 – Rebecca’s experience at the High Point Market in 2022

      21:08 – High Point’s renaissance and new developments

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