How to Use Podcasting as a Marketing Tool for Your Interior Design Business With Zandra Zuraw

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Podcasting is a good marketing strategy for interior designers.

As an interior designer, you are always looking for ways to increase your visibility and reach more potential clients. Have you considered podcasting?

Today, I’m chatting with Zandra Zuraw, the brilliant mind behind Slow Home Style. She highlights the transformative potential of podcasts as a tool for interior designers to showcase their personality, values, and expertise.

From crafting standout pitches that resonate with both podcast hosts and potential clients to utilizing podcast exposure effectively, she guides you on how to distinguish yourself in a competitive market. 

If you are a newbie designer navigating the challenging landscape of self-promotion, Zandra’s wisdom is your compass. 

She also shares her inspiring story of venturing into interior design without formal credentials. If you are an aspiring designer looking to make a mark without traditional design school credentials, her story will keep you moving forward. 

So don’t miss out on this chance to boost your visibility. Tune in to unlock the secrets of leveraging podcasts as a potent marketing tool.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover how podcasting can help you connect with clients and showcase your design philosophy.
  • Understand the importance of a trial-and-error approach, learning from real-life experiences, and building a portfolio through free work
  • Get ready to craft your pitch and use it to refine your business plans and marketing materials
    About the Guest:

    Zandra Zuraw is the founder of Slow Home Style, an interior design coaching platform for passionate homeowners. She’s currently writing a book about her Slow Style approach to design to be released in Spring 2025 through Gibbs Smith. 

    Zandra is also the host of the popular podcast Slow Style Home, which has logged over 300 interviews with the most creative people working in the interior industry. Within the first year, it coveted the iTunes New and Noteworthy list and is now in the top 5% of most downloaded podcasts across all categories globally. The show has reached over 1 million downloads and counting. 

    Her business formerly known as Little Yellow Couch has been featured in many media outlets such as Domino, Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, and Podcast Magazine. Zandra has been a speaker at several creative business conferences in the US and Canada, talking about the business of podcasting and design. 

    Connect with Zandra Zuraw:

    Check out her podcast >>> Slow Style Home Podcast

      Check out these episode highlights

      02:07 – Zandra’s path to becoming a designer and podcaster

      • She did not attend design school and instead came to it through a desire to create something creatively.
      • She started a podcast to showcase the importance of design in people’s lives.

      04:21 – How she developed her design philosophy and the framework for how to teach it

      06:22 – Her #1 focus on teaching the general public: sustainable design practices focusing on reducing waste and making meaningful choices

      08:07 – The importance of investing in high-quality, timeless pieces for home decor

      09:22 – The value of understanding the lifestyle and needs of the client when designing a space

      10:36 – How Zandra develops a personal approach to interior design, focusing on self-reflection and creating a meaningful home

      12:25 – The framework for Slow Style includes 3 principles, 4 skills, and 5 design elements that can be applied to any household, budget, or location

      13:48 – Podcasting as a marketing strategy for designers

      15:46 – Podcast interviews are a great way for designers to market their business, refine their mission statement, and gain exposure

      17:11 – Podcast is a platform for designers to set themselves apart

      • To share their personality, values & beliefs, and to stand out from generic designs
      • To focus on their unique approach, philosophy, and clients they want to work with

      19:22 – Zandra suggests providing valuable insights and unique perspectives to stand out in a podcast interview, highlighting specific topics that would be of use to listeners

      20:40 – What designers MUST DO after the podcast interview

      • Promote the podcast interview on their website or social media afterward, using the embed code provided by the podcast host.

      21:49 – The importance of tailoring podcast pitches to the podcast host rather than trying to appeal to a vague ideal client

      24:03 – Why it is important to niche down in design work, wanting to be known for a specific style or aesthetic

      25:54 – The process of writing and publishing a design book

      • Writing a book proposal for a design book, highlighting the importance of market research and visual presentation
      • Working with a graphic designer to create a 40-page document that showcases the vision for the design, including articles, photos, and graphic design elements
      • Finding an agent and sending proposals

      30:13 – The importance of building relationships in business

      32:21 – Biggest advice to aspiring designers

      • Do free work for friends to build a portfolio and learn about working with clients.
      • Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your work for your portfolio. Professional photos are key.
      • Hire a copywriter for your website copy to showcase your work and establish a clear brand identity.
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