How to Create a Premium Client Experience for Your Interior Design Clients

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What kind of experience do you give your clients?

Building on our last episode’s discussion on charging your interior design skills, I explore the crucial flip side—the luxury experience that should accompany a premium or luxury price.

Charging a premium or a luxury price requires you to deliver a premium or a luxury product and service. After all, Interior Design is a luxury service.

Today, on the podcast, I talk about elevating the experience for your clients as you increase your rates. It’s about providing more than just a design. It’s about presenting a lifestyle, a worry-free journey for your clients, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted. But how can you master this delicate balance of charging more while offering more?

If you are curious to elevate your client experience and secure your place in the top tier of designers, this episode is for you.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Explore proven ways to elevate your client experience from thoughtful gifts to using cutting-edge technology
  • Assess whether your processes are clear and repeatable so your clients receive a polished, premium product and service
  • Examine how you are raising your delivery and your level of client experience
    Check out these episode highlights

    01:57 – Why interior designer MUST deliver a luxury experience for clients through design services

    03:36 – How to create a premium or luxury design experience for clients

    • Have a Client Service Manager in the onboarding process
    • Gifting clients on the second meeting, during project implementation, and at the end of the project
    • Provide Virtual Reality experience with 3D renderings
    • Have a Professional Photography and Video after the project
    • Have a Clear and On-time Communication

    07:00 – Effective ways to ensure clear communication and transparency in the client experience

    • Welcome Packet that includes how the business model runs, the kind of value they are getting, and the advantages of working with an interior designer
    • Client Style Quiz to see and understand what kind of design style they have

    08:17 – The importance of processes and systems in delivering premium design services

    11:23 – Food for Thought: How are you raising your delivery and your level of client experience?

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