How To Charge Your Interior Design Skills With Confidence

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How do you get paid for your interior design fees? How do you charge clients for your design projects?

Getting paid as an interior designer, whether you are a solopreneur or working for a design firm, is a hot topic at the conventions and markets, as well as within the interior design business coaching classes and courses.

The struggles of pricing your creative work and determining your value are real, and they often deter interior designers from fully embracing this fulfilling career.

In today’s episode, I explore various charging strategies, emphasizing the importance of understanding your worth and how tracking every minute of your creative process can be a game-changer in managing projects efficiently and setting the right fees.

If you are looking for actionable strategies and empowering mindsets to help you confidently charge what you are worth and thrive in the world of interior design, this episode is for you.

You deserve not just a career, but a prosperous and fulfilling journey as an interior designer. Tune in, embrace your value, and let’s elevate the design industry together! Don’t settle for less; your creativity is worth more than you think. Take charge of your interior design destiny now!

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Discover different charging strategies used by successful interior designers
  • Understand the significance of recognizing and valuing your expertise and creative time as an interior designer
  • Assess whether you estimate, track, and optimize your fees for your design projects effectively
Check out these episode highlights

Getting Paid as an Entrepreneur

02:25 – Hourly Billing method for interior design projects

Pros: The best way to understand how much you are working on a project

Cons: Designers don’t want to track every minute of their day

03:57 – The importance of tracking every minute of work

Time Tracking App: Harvest

“Every moment that you are giving to a project is a moment that you’re not giving to something else in your life.”

06:01 – How much you should be charging as an interior designer who owns your business

  • For new designers – charging at least $125 per hour for interior design services to account for inflation and to be competitive in the industry
  • According to Forbes Home, the average interior designer fees per hour across the country is $100 per hour

  • Rebecca’s current hourly rate is $325, which reflects her experience and the cost of running her business, including employee and CEO duties

08:54 – Designers commonly debate charging flat fees vs. hourly rates

10:04 – Why designers should charge a premium on top of a flat fee (for those who do the flat fee model)

12:43 – How to charge clients for the furnishings that designers are supplying

  • Depending on their business model and pricing strategy, designers can charge clients either a flat fee or a percentage of the retail price of products.
  • Selling products to clients can be more profitable than design fees alone, as it allows for exponential growth in profit depending on the size of the project.

15:52 – Getting Paid as an Employee of a Design Firm

16:58 – The US Bureau of Labor Statistics for interior designers wages

  • entry-level designers can earn $17-18 per hour
  • senior designers with 30 years of experience can earn $40-50 per hour

On Average, Interior designers can earn $30-43 per hour.

18:14 – The correlation between designers charging “what they’re worth” and what design employees get paid

Designers should charge more to elevate the industry and increase earning potential for employees.

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