How an Actress Turned Interior Designer Built Her Signature Virtual Design Offer With Alexis Peters

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Do you get excited about something that gets you out of bed in the morning? That’s the case for my guest this week, Alexis Peters, who had an exciting journey from acting and production design to virtual interior design.

What made her get into interior design? That voice in her head has been bugging her since she was a child. After years of putting it under the rug, she finally decided to do something about it.

From designing her own apartment to helping her mother redesign her home virtually, she found her magic and turned to make mistakes into a career by providing stylish and affordable interior design for all.

So if you’re ready to help others live better through design while making money and feeling fulfilled simultaneously, listen to this episode. Alexis can help you find your voice as a designer and craft your signature offer.

Why you’ve got to check out today’s episode
  • Examine Alexis’ Virtual Design Process and create your signature offer
  • Build a solid interior design portfolio from scratch without any experience
  • Discover the 3 Advantages of Virtual Design over Interior Design
    About the Guest:

    Alexis Peters is a Nashville-based interior designer with an exciting journey from acting and feature film production design to running her successful E-Design business.

    Combining her passion for film and design, Alexis has learned to create stunning spaces on a budget, making her services accessible to many clients. With certifications in interior design, home staging, KonMari organization, and even Pilates, she brings a well-rounded approach to her designs.

    If you’re looking for expert advice on creating your signature offer, building a solid portfolio, and gaining exposure in the design industry, Alexis’s unique perspective and experience make her an ideal source of inspiration and guidance.

    Connect with Alexis Peters:
    IG: @homestylingbyalexis

      Check out these episode highlights

      03:05 – Alexis’ transition from actress to production designer; and the one thing that got her out of bed in the morning

      07:20 – The importance of having the right people to help you begin and why you should pursue training, coaching, and certifications

      09:15 – Her most extensive advice on starting in interior design and the six-week course she took to establish her business

      11:24 – Who her services are for and the magic that comes from being able to do a lot with little

      14:59 – How she started her Virtual Design business and how to use it to help your clients

      17:40 – Alexis’ Virtual Design Process

      NOTE: The goal is to make clients feel like you are there with them every step of the way.

      1. Prepay for your services: 10 hours per room

      2. Do a 15 to 20-minute consultation virtually and ask questions

      PRO TIP: Take it one room at a time, starting with the primary bedroom

      • What do you do in the room?
      • How often are you in the room?
      • Are blackout curtains vital to you?
      • Is it just you or someone else in the room with you?
      • Is there someone else’s style I need to be mindful of?
      • Do you have an animal?

      3. Do a design board/photo grid/inspiration board: 1 hour

      • Take snapshots of pieces they want to keep and include them on the board
      • Introduce a color palette, a style, a vibe, a tone, and a feel
      • Include items that they’re missing
      • Remove what they do not like
      • Redo only once

      4. Set up an appointment for measurements: 1 hour

      • Use measuring tape and blue painter’s tape

      PRO TIP: Size matters. If you get the wrong size, the whole room will be ugly. Measure three times, return never. Taking measurements properly prevents having to return the items.

      5. Do the research based on the budget, then send clients specific links so they can order the items

      PRO TIP: Be mindful of the budget and include discount codes if available.

      25:50 – How to build a solid interior design portfolio from scratch & without the experience

      • Be comfortable doing it for free at first.
      • Ask family, friends, and neighbors if you can do interior design for them for free in exchange for taking photos of your work and referrals or a minimal fee like gas money.
      • Learn by doing and take note of the information you’re getting, as well as the mistakes you’re making.
      • Put together your book, so you can start charging for your interior design services

      3 Advantages of Virtual Design over Interior Design

      1. Efficient
      2. Affordable
      3. Accessible


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